• The call button always in your pocket

    Kone RemoteCall is a mobile application that permits users to call a lift conveniently and easily by smartphone. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and works in combination with the destination selection control Kone Polaris.

  • Böhnke & Partner: Everything under one roof

    The new production and administration building of Böhnke & Partner in Bergisch Gladbach has been formally opened. There is still room for expansion.

  • Bosch Service Solutions: Victor in two categories

    Bosch Service Solutions has won the SafeLine Partner Award 2016 in the categories “Best technical support” and “Best marketing.” SafeLine Group is one of the leading manufacturers for lift emergency call technology and honours selected partners for their above-average services every two years.

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Also of interest for German companies: the Polish lift market has great modernisation and innovation potential. (Source: Targi Kielce)

The Polish lift market is now not only looking back on a record year 2015 in economic terms, but can also point to the positive effects overall of the technical modernisation within the industry since the EU accession of the country in 2004. But what about the safety of the older lifts?

(Source: pixs:sell / fotolia)

It only became possible to build high buildings with safe access to all floors with the invention of lifts. Right at the very beginning of this development there were fire disasters in these newly built high-rise buildings. It became clear early on that firefighting would only be possible with the help of lifts - the fire brigade lift was born.

Donut Sensor - Donut Light Sensor - Swashplate with Donut (left to right). (Source: Henning GmbH)

Donut load sensors were developed to take the increasingly cramped construction space in lifts into account. The sensor is mounted in the rope suspension (dead point) with elastomeric spring buffers or compression springs and is therefore also suitable for very small shaft heads. It makes no difference in this regard whether this involves steel ropes or belts.

Roll-up door Genius Plus, installed in two lifts with through-loading. (Source: Meiller Aufzugtüren)

Versatility is one of the trademarks of the Munich door specialist Meiller Aufzugtüren GmbH. For example, Meiller not only sells horizontal sliding doors with two, three, four or six door leaves, but also hinged doors with one, two, three or four leaves.

The opening to the car lift. (Source: Invertek Drives)

When one of the world’s leading automation companies built a car lift in Mumbai, India, residents were complaining of a bumpy ride whilst travelling on the lift – but Invertek’s “Optidrive Elevator” variable frequency drive was soon able to solve the problem.

(Source: Dessauer / Fotolia)

New development of products, procedures and technical services is a necessity for the majority of SMEs, but also a guarantee of long-term market presence, competitiveness and jobs. Grants can be very helpful here.

The Sendix 5873 single-turn encoder ensures great reliability and optimal travel comfort. (Source: Kübler)

Gearless drives, also known as direct drives, are used in lift technology. This is due to their high torque at low speeds and smooth, quiet running properties. This places special demands on the encoders used.

(Source: Otis)

Otis, one of the biggest international manufacturers and service providers for lifts, escalators and moving pavements, has presented its “New Gen2” lifts in Germany. Thanks to the new car design and networked functions, the lift has become a fashionable and at the same time highly functional core element of a building.

The Euro-Lift 2016 will be taking place from 18 to 20 October 2016 in Kielce (Poland). (Source: Targi Kielce)

The lift industry will present the latest products and service in Kielce from 18 to 20 October 2016 on the International Lifts Exhibition Euro-Lift. The exhibition is Central and Eastern Europe's only lift industry B2B trade show.

There was great interest in the lift in the Colosseum and it can be vistied even today. (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut / Beste)

The Romans loved the games: thousands crowded into the Colosseum on days when entertainment was on offer, to watch animals fighting and gladiatorial contests. The emperors went to enormous expense to this end: hundreds of animals were brought from all parts of the empire for celebrations lasting several days: elephants and bears, deer and antelope, wild boars and wolves.