• BASE lift kit sets standards

    The company B.A.S.E has presented a new system for controlled ventilation and smoke extraction of lift shafts.

  • Structural cooperation growing in strength

    After the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between the EFESME and the ELA, several meetings have been held in order to further organise and structure the cooperation between the two associations.

  • Fantastic trip on a windmill

    It’s a little like making a trip underground - into the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland. This is because the narrow car of the gondola does not move downwards, underground.

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The LiftLog collects data regarding the current condition of lifts. These are evaluated via a wireless gateway in an evaluation platform into real information and can be retrieved online protected in a web portal. (Source: SafeSolutions)

Everyone is talking about the Internet of things and the term “Industry 4.0” is gradually becoming the most-used word of the year – with even the fridge apparently communicating with the car and heating system. Wonderful world!

(Source: Schindler)

In the biggest national industry survey, "Architects’ Darling Award”, Schindler was chosen as Germany’s most popular lift manufacturer.

The interlift 2017 will be from the 17th to the 20th october in Augsburg. (Source: Heimsoeth)

The interlift 2017 is fast approaching. The proportion of new exhibitors is unusually high among the 350 registrations received up to mid January. In addition there are companies, which had not exhibited at one or more fairs but are returning now – a total of more than 50 exhibitors so far.

Installation of a lift with Fineline doors in a school in the centre of Budapest, Hungary. (Source: Wittur)

Not all elevators are born equal; using the right components for each modernization project can save you an incredible amount of time and money.

(Source: Orona)

Orona, the company specialized in mobility solutions, strengthens its position in Norway through the acquisition of Scan Heis.

Control frame lock side TTS 25, S2R. (Source: Meiller Aufzugtüren)

Since a great many lifts are now being built without a machine-room, different or new installation options for all kinds of components have to be found.

Riedl Quantum cabin. (Source: Riedl Aufzugbau)

Riedl Aufzugbau has given its company division for lift doors and components a name of its own: Riedl Quantum.

The Kone MonoSpace with EcoDisc-drive. (Source: Kone)

In 1996 Kone succeeded in bringing about a revolution with the introduction of the MonoSpace: the first rope lift without machine-room in an absolutely classic technical design, which, despite further development of its basic features, has remained unchanged to this day.

Good atmosphere at the 4th German Lift Day. (Source: VDMA / Odo Hake)

The 4th German Lift Day boasted record participation. More than 100 representatives of the lift industry, lift and component manufacturers accepted the invitation of the VDMA.

The headquarters of  KW-Aufzugtechnik in Oberursel. (Source: KW-Aufzugstechnik)

KW-Aufzugstechnik’s controls have made a name for themselves in the industry. The company has now built a new production hall.