The name of this new belt system from Megadyne Engineers, QST, stands for "Quiet Self Track".

The name of this new belt system from Megadyne Engineers, QST, stands for "Quiet Self Track". (Foto: © Megadyne)

A quieter system for ASRS: great performance without all the noise



From the experienced engineers at Megadyne comes the Megalinear QST System, turning down the volume to create a safer and better workplace while still delivering the consistent precision required from ASRS belting.

Easier on the ears

The name of this new belt system, QST, stands for "Quiet Self Track". With a helical offset tooth design leading to a precise and continuous meshing of belt and pulley, the Megadyne QST reduces noise and vibrations levels to well below those achieved by belts using traditional types of trapezoidal or curvilinear tooth designs. A quieter workplace is not only more pleasant, it's also safer, thanks to improved verbal communication and the easier detection of anomalous operational noises.

Perfect positioning

The helical profile design uses a left and a right helix to prevent slippage by keeping the belt centered just where it should be on the pulley, offering the advantages in both uptime and maintenance costs that come with a self-tracking belt with no need for pulley flanges. This innovative design also delivers high-precision linear positioning. In every ASRS process, accuracy in positioning is critical in guaranteeing that all the items in the system end up where they should – either during storage or retrieval – and that each of them gets there undamaged.

Strong stuff

This new system may be as quiet as they come, but it's also more than tough enough to handle the job! The Megalinear QST is manufactured entirely in Italy to exacting specifications. The belt is made of a long-lasting thermoplastic polyurethane, with high-strength zinc-coated steel tension members.

Nylon facing comes standard on the helical offset teeth, further increasing the tensile load capacity and allowing the teeth to handle more torque with less noise too. The system's pulleys are made of high-quality steel treated to resist both oxidation and wear. For open-end belts, The QST system uses clamp plates made of long-wearing aluminum alloy.

Designed for durability

The QST System is ready to run and run! Its components display excellent resistance to ageing, hydrolysis, UV radiation and ozone attack, as well as resistance to oils, grease, fat and most diluted acids and alkalis, which all adds up to a long working life for both the belt and pulley. Heat and cold are not issues, either; the Megalinear QST will operate efficiently at temperatures from as low as -25°C to as high as 80°C.

Quiet, reliable and adaptable

The Megalinear QST System is the quietest timing belt solution you can find. Designed for excellent performance and long life, it's also versatile, and can be adapted to meet all kinds of non-standard ASRS requirements; experts are on hand at Megadyne to help make this new belting system a solution that delivers for everyone.

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