Megadyne RPP STEEL belt: designed for strength and performance.

Megadyne RPP STEEL belt: designed for strength and performance. (Foto: © Megadyne Group)

A strong new belting solution for warehousing applications



An innovative synchronous belt made of high-performance EPDM rubber reinforced by galvanized steel cords, the Megadyne RPP STEEL belt is a powerful and durable belt designed for maximum traction loads.

What the industry requires

Warehousing optimisation depends on speed and accuracy. Solutions such as palletised racking systems are popular because they save both time and space, but like all warehousing systems, they require robust equipment capable of handling the heavy loads involved.

At the same time, strength without accurate positional performance simply won't work for such applications; everything on the belt needs to reach the right place at the right time in order to keep the system running efficiently.

Designed for strength and performance

The RPP-STEEL belt is constructed of a high-performing EPDM rubber compound, while the reinforcing cords are built from multiple strands of high-strength, high-carbon steel formed with both S and Z twist. These are vulcanized into one homogeneous unit within the EPDM material of the belt, enhancing the tensile strength and increasing the resistance to flex fatigue.

At the same time, the use of alternate torsion directions in the cord twist makes for perfect positioning and optimal belt tracking on the drive by reducing elongation over time to levels far lower than those of aramid-reinforced or glass fiber-reinforced belts.

Made for the long run

This new belt isn't just very strong, it's also very tough. The Megadyne RPP STEEL is well suited for chemically aggressive environments, being resistant not only to UV radiation and ozone attack but to abrasion and other destructive forces, too. What's more, it operates without issues across an extended range of working temperatures. The nylon fabric coating on the teeth increase durability, and the teeth themselves are highly resistant to shear.

The Megadyne RPP STEEL advantage

Stronger for longer, and with innovative design benefits that save on maintenance and replacement costs, the RPP STEEL can be the perfect alternative to chain or cable solutions. Its ability to deliver accurate positioning is outstanding, and this new belt has been designed around Megadyne's acclaimed RPP profile, so it's fully compatible with any RPP drives and pulleys already in place.

What's more, the backside of the belt has been precision-ground for uniform thickness, guaranteeing smooth, vibration-free operation. The belt is available in an 8mm pitch with widths of 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm and 50mm or in a 14mm pitch with widths of 25mm, 40mm, 55mm, 85mm.

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