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Issue 06/2010

Issue 06/2010

Small is good: EXPO ELEVADOR 2010 in Sao Paulo/Brazil

For the tenVFA(Association for Lift Technology) membersAFAG, BlainHydraulics, Henning, Hütter Aufzüge, LiftEquip,Metallschneider, Pfeifer- Drako, Schaefer, Strukturmetall and Zagro the concept of the VFA joint booth was once again a complete success.


Presentation of the world innovation Jump-A

On 29 October 2010 SBA GmbH presented the Jump-A project in Teis in Bavaria. Jump-A is a completely new way of surmountingtwofloors. Theideawas already protected by Hansjörg Stimpel as a registered design in 2004 and has now been presented to the public.

Successful open day at ALGI

On 6 and 7 October about 50 mediumsized lift companies took part in the open day of the hydraulic component manufacturer ALGI from Eltville. As a company that has been based in the wine-growing region “Rheingau” for decades, the event framework ranged from innovative, forward-looking hydraulic drive technology to the historic wine-growing tradition.

New paths for research and development for SMEs: Success factor cooperation

The lift market is changing: it is becoming more global and propelled by newregulations, the overall system lift is becoming ever more complex. Big companies are exploiting their strengths and seizing the opportunities in these developments.

After showreport: the first Euro Lift in Poland

The first Euro Lift opened on 20October 2010 in Kielce inPoland. The three-day international fair for lift technology is intended to establish itself as the leading fair for the industry in central and Eastern Europe.

The 3rd CANopen® Lift plug-fest

In the 3rd CANopen Lift plug-fest, members of the CiA users’ and manufacturers’ group have performed several communication stress tests with their CANopen Lift devices.

Sustainable building – top of the agenda at BAU 2011

Everyone is talking about sustainability. In terms of buildings this means they have to be economically efficient, environmentally-friendly and resourcesaving, ensure convenience, comfort and health for their users and in addition fit in as well as possible in their socio-economic surroundings.Whether this is possible and how to achieve it will be top of the agenda at BAU 2011, the leading world fair for architecture, materials and systems.

Sematic 2000 B-G

Cargo lift doors not only have to be sturdy, but also work safely and reliably under all operating conditions. The Sematic 2000 B-G meets these requirements.

CANopen Safety published as European standard EN 50325–5

The CANopen Safetyprotocol (CiA 304) developed by CAN in Automation (CiA), international users’ and manufacturers group, is now published as an European standard and available as EN 50325–5 fromthe EuropeanCommittee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) and any National body.

Kone seminar: basics of lift planning (part 7)

The next Kone basics seminar on lift planning will take place on 19 and 20 January 2011.

Even more light dome designs available for LSF

Light domes are available in various sizes as a supplement to the product range.

Bucher Hydraulics successful with regenerative drive system

BucherHydraulicshasenhancedthe frequency drivepower unit “Saturn alpha”, operationalnowformorethan12years, with a regenerative drive system. With this system up to 30% of the potential energy can be recovered and reused. The energy efficiency of the power unit is increased considerably.

Emergency call telephones – to fit every case

The SL3000 combines emergency call telephone, pictograms in the cabin, monitoredbatteryandemergency light. It is available with GSM connection or the later option to switch between fixed network and GSM.

34 lift systems for Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall

The concert hall in Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan, isoneof the city’s landmarks.Wittur Turkeyprovided34lift systems for the impressive concert hall.

Lift emergency call and more

In practice views differ on the question whether there isneedforaspeech channel outside the cabin or whether an “emergencycall trigger device” (button) is sufficient.

Report on modernisation of a cargo lift

Lift acceptance inspection by TÜV Süd [Technical Inspection Association] “live”. The occasion for the TÜV inspection was the completion of a cargo liftmodernisation in the leather clothing craft factory Hohenstein in Crailsheim.

The new product generation: LiSA2020 control and LISY – LiSA info systems

Schneider Steuerungstechnik GmbH – developer and manufacturer of lift controls as well as provider of all essential components for lift manufacture – has presented several innovative new products this year: the new LiSA2020 control mechanism and LISY, the LiSA info systems.

Almost there…

Together we have made it through the many events in autumn, the cold season has set in and the year is drawing to a close. I would like to take this opportunity to review the past year 2010 and look ahead to what we can expect in 2011.

Kronenberg invests in the future

By purchasing a revolver punching machine, a new laser cutting system as well as a press brake, Hans & Jos. KronenbergGmbHhas established the conditions for boosting its productivity even further and processing customer wishes faster and more flexibly.

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