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Issue 06/2011

Issue 06/2011

interlift 2011: 3 top benchmarks for the anniversary trade fair

It was the perfect anniversary for interlift. With 18,781 visitors from 54 countries the third top benchmark, after the record figures for the quantity of exhibitors and the amount of exhibition area booked, has been achieved. Nearly every second visitor (47 %) came from outside Germany. But the assessments of the interlift by the participating companies and by the trade fair visitors are even more important than these top results, and they also look like recordbreakers.

Electrically operated clasp and service brake: We catch you

The world innovation was presented to the public for the first time at the interlift 2011: the PESSRAL brake BF Integrale realises what has worked flawlessly in trucks for decades – safe braking by using a spring brake.

Breathe easy at last

Made it again – another successful year is winding down. With the 10th interlift we have also put the event of 2011 behind us.

Contactor-free lift converter

On the occasion of interlift 2011 Gefran presented for the first time a version of the lift converter ADL200 without contactor. The underlying concept: a single device for all lift drives simplifies the use of electric drives in the lift control and at the same time lowers the cost.

Seckenheim water tower in new glory

After over a year of planning and conversion the renovation of the Seckenheim water tower has been concluded. Right in time for its 100th birthday “Baldy” was renovated with great attention to detail inside and out. The exterior site will soon be restored too. The tower and lift museum will be officially inaugurated in March 2012.

At the lift fair interlift Ziehl-Abegg AG presents optimised frequency converter: Good contacts established in the USA

“The response at this year’s interlift was tremendous,” noted Dieter Rieger, sales director for drive technology at the motor builder ZiehlAbegg AG, which is based in Künzelsau (Germany). There were days on which all 25 specialist advisers were involved in continuous discussions. However, Rieger noticed that there were markedly fewer visitors from Asia and the Arab world at the leading international fair for lift technology.

New 3-D export formats for Liftdesigner and Escalatordesigner software

The new export formats greatly enhance the elevator and escalator design process in other 3D CAD programs. At interlift 2011, DigiPara announced an enhanced version of its Liftdesigner and Escalatordesigner software, featuring new 3D export formats. The Liftdesigner and Escalatordesigner software is now able to save 3D elevator and escalator drawings into SAT or STEP formats, which imports them into other 3D CAD programs.

Technology for people: Barrier-freedom for a better quality of life

Rooms without thresholds, a wheelchairfriendly bathroom and a flat tailored to individual needs. For people who cannot move without assistance these things are conditions for a mobilityindependent, autonomous life. To make one’s own four walls accessible barrierfree from outside special technology is sometimes required, which has to be individually adjusted.

Cinema in the head

The transformation of the Bonn Metropol cinema into a bookshop spurred debates among citizens and local politicians for several years. How should a building be handled, which was a listed monument, but only in parts retained the original building fabric? How was a location to be preserved that created a sense of identity for many people, but was not to receive public money? As a result, the cinema was converted to a bookshop from 2009 to 2010, one that is probably among the most attractive of its kind.


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Clever length assignment

Time is money! This is also true in lift building, where increasingly frequently connection-ready cable sets are delivered directly to the building site – just in time. To create the maximum benefit for the customer TKD KABEL offers a service in this sector with great success which involves examining a customer’s orders very closely in cooperation with it. Made-to-measure customerspecific lift cables are then added to the inventory for the most popular lengths.

Retrofitting lifts to be handicapped-friendly

Interlift 2011 showed that the need for information on “barrierfreedom” and “use of lift emergency call systems by the handicapped” among lift operators is still very great.

New LED lift lighting

The new LED lift lighting from Memco has been developed for use both in new installations as well as in modernisation projects.

CANopen Lift at interlift 2011

At the interlift 2011, the nonprofit CiA organization will show on its booth (hall 5/119) its CANopen Lift Demonstrator. It comprises three independent lift control systems using the CANopen-Lift network technology.

interlift 2011 – Kollmorgen receives VFA marketing prize

At this year’s interlift the Cologne control specialist Kollmorgen Steuerungstechnik GmbH presented itself for the 20th year in succession with a completely redesigned fair stand. Visitors to the Augsburg fair centre found it directly at the entrance diagonally to the left in Hall 1.

Silent Move twin – the redundant shaft copying

Silent Move twin, patented digital shaft copying from Wachendorff Automation, is designed with two independently functioning encoders. Any combinations of absolute and incremental encoders can be used in the circumferential system. The pre-mounted measuring unit can be easily mounted in 20 to 45 minutes.

Dekra presents laser lift inspection

Dekra demonstrated a new procedure for the objective evaluation of lift safety, travel performance and quality at the interlift trade fair. Thanks to a new laser measurement system, the “LiKoS” system provides meaningful evidence on the condition of a lift in a few minutes. Dekra itself developed the innovative system and got it to the stage where it was ready for use.

Intercom 2.0 for the lift: EN 81-compatible

According to the EN 81 standard in force throughout Europe for lift emergency calls, emergency call stations in lifts have to be tested regularly. Whether as IP or digital call stations, SCHNEIDER INTERCOM has found a remedy with Intercom 2.0 This is because the call stations in effect check themselves.

Treasure chest

Old lift with new technology

What Blue Competence involves in OSMA lifts: Green is blue. Blue is green.

The principle of cooperation as partners at the “bluegreen level”, recently adopted by the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), is gaining increasing numbers of enthusiastic adherents. This refers to “Blue Competence” – the sustainability initiative of the VDMA. OSMA Lifts is a certified partner company of the initiative – as the first lift company in Germany.

Modernisation of lift cabin separation doors

After being in use for 20 or more years, lift cabin doors are the most heavily worn components of a lift, since they go through far more movement cycles than the corresponding shaft doors. Here it is often extremely difficult even to get spare parts for repairs and if it proves possible, then at relatively high prices.

D+H Mechatronic AG nominated as top company: Grand prix of the SMEs 2011

Across Germany 3,552 companies competed for the most coveted economic distinction for SMEs. Of these 794 reached the jury stage, 201 companies got into the final, but only 20 made it onto the list of nominated companies. Four companies from the Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein region were able to mount the stage during the prizegiving ceremony on 24 September in Dusseldorf. One of them was D+H Mechatronic AG from Ammersbek near Hamburg.

Third Operator Day at Niggemeier & Leurs in Bottrop: Operator Day 2011

Due to the very good response to the operator days in 2009 and 2011, Niggemeier & Leurs in Bottrop (Germany) staged its operator day for a third time. On 23 September 2011 about 30 people found out more about current operating regulations, among other things.

VFA-Forum at interlift ´11 – internationally popular

Fifty-three talks from around the world, more than 1,500 international listeners in the interlift anniversary year. The VFA-Forum interlift ´11 reflected the main themes of the fair as a whole in five thematic groups

We are getting copied!

Should we be proud and see this as a sign of market leadership, or should we be afraid of the consequences? In theory we knew that this would happen one day. Of course we took precautions like software protection, copyright branding, trademarks, patents and hidden trapdoors. Despite this, we now found the first copies. How nice they picked us, knowing that only the best get copied. They even took the courtesy to use our manuals. The question remains: What harm could it do?


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