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Issue 01/2012

Issue 01/2012

Promise kept!

Recognise this? A new project is announced with great elaboration and then there is an admission that for one reason or another the planned date cannot be met this year. Is this due to poor planning or bad luck? Promises are broken, customer reactions range from indifferent to disappointment. Is that really necessary?

Multiple connection of emergency call systems

Lift emergency call systems are required by law to transfer the emergency call fast and to ensure they cannot be lost, so that quick external help can be provided.

e*touch sets highlights

From the sign jungle in and in front of the lift to a modern appearance with innovative operating convenience – e*touch (elevator touch) is the new intelligent storey call from Otis for buildings with individual systems.

New partnership in the German lift emergency call market

2N Telekomunikace, a leading manufacturer and supplier of emergency call systems, has been supplying the German market since the beginning of the year through a strategic partnership with the well-established German lift industry company Stingl. The new products 2N® SingleTalk and 2N® LiftNet, solutions for emergency communication, meet the highest quality and functionality requirements in compliance with the European Union’s standards.

Only measuring makes setting easy

With the publication of ISO 18738 “Measurement of lift ride quality” in August 2003 it became possible for the first time to manufacture and use standardised tools for measuring lift trip quality. Since then devices that work according to this standard have been used worldwide in lift building.

Shaft encoder for lift construction: Safety, economic viability and interface diversity

Exact positioning and speed control of lift cabins are preconditions for optimal travel. Any path-time curves can be travelled with shaft encoders for position and speed recording. While incremental encoders make sense for speed recording, position determination is best realised with absolute encoders.

Drawing tool MeillerCAD now available as 3D version too

The TTS/K 25 one-way, two-leaf shaft and cabin doors and centrally opening two- and four-leaf STS/K 26 and TTS/K 28 lift doors can now also be generated in 3D with the new MeillerCAD 3D version 1. Both the shaft wall- and niche installation can now also be represented in the standard protection class IP 20 and IP 54/67.

Sematic, up with us worldwide

Founded in 1959, Sematic is nowadays a leading supplier in the world of elevator components. Its activities include the production and distribution of standard and special automatic lift doors, cabins, car packages, entrances and complete systems

Vision and innovation are key

Celebrating CEDES’ 25th anniversary this year was a matter a great pride for myself and my family. However, the festivities did not last too long – because we wanted to ensure we would also have reason to celebrate at our 26th! Sentimentality has little place in today’s competitive market place. Quality, price, performance are the foundations for success. But vision and innovation are key, particularly for a technology specialist producing optical sensor solutions. Anyone can try to react to what the market demands – CEDES strives to know what the customer needs before he does himself. Hence our motto: “More than you expect!”

Treasure chest

Paternoster - Found: 2011; Location: Cityhall Bochum, Germany

Works of art for historically important buildings: Albertinum in Dresden

The Albertinum is in the historic centre of Dresden, at the eastern end of Brühl Terrace. It is a sixteenth century armoury, converted to a museum in the late nineteenth century.

Safety modules comply with standards EN 81-1/2:1998 + A3:2009

The safety module series CS AR-9x from Pizzato Elettrica (safety modules for lifts) has acquired certification in compliance with the standards EN 81-1:1998+A3:2009 and EN 81- 2:1998+A3:2009.

Happy New Year!

I hope you got off to a good start in 2012! Have you discarded the old ballast, made as many ticks as possible on your to-do list and got the end of the year behind you properly? Perhaps you were able to enjoy a few welldeserved days of rest and relax in the midst of your family too – without worrying at all about the tiresome „A3“ topic for example. Oh, excuse me, did I touch a raw nerve?

15th TÜV Nord Lift Conference

In November 2011 the 15th TÜV Nord Lift Conference took place in Gladbeck. Qualified experts provided the approximately 60 participants with information on the new regulations.

LIFT 2012: 10th anniversary of the fair in Milan

Lift 2012 was launched in early October this year at MADE – International Building and Architecture Expo (more than 250,000 visitors). Lift, the International biennial exhibition of vertical transport born in 1994, will celebrate its 10th edition from 7th to 9th November 2012 at the Fiera Milano leading-edge venue in Rho (Milan, Italy).

11th VDMA Junior Day in the spirit of Swiss tradition

The VDMA Junior Day is intended to establish links between the upcoming generation of member companies - and this also succeeded at an event in Switzerland on 17 and 18 November 2011.


Successful interlift Forum of the VFA-Academy

The VFA Forum interlift again had much of interest on offer for all fair visitors in the anniversary year of the tenth world lift fair interlift ’11 in Augsburg.

Modernisation according to A3 – no problem with the iPack

Various parties urgently recommend taking Amendment 3 to EN81-1/2, which came into force on 01.01.2012, into account in the case of modernisations as well since it is regarded as “state of the art.”

Software-aided lift design

The design, pricing, making of offers and recording of orders for a complete hydraulic lift system require numerous complex work steps, for which highly qualified staff must be deployed. The use of software-aided, standardised design systems can reduce the work required considerably and minimise the risk of design errors.

Renewing hydraulic lift drives

Algi has an energy-saving solution in the field of hydraulic drive modernisations in the form of its frequency-controlled drive Eco Spin. The example of a dated lift in an old age home demonstrated how efficient operation is achieved by a worthwhile conversion of the drive unit.

Neue E-Serie von Lichtgittern für Aufzüge

Memco Limited hat seine neue Memco E-Serienreihe von Lichtgittern zur Sicherheit an Aufzügen eingeführt. Für die Entwicklung wurde auf die Erfahrung von 40 Jahren Design und Herstellung zurückgegriffen. Die Serie ist eine zuverlässige und kostengünstige Option für neue, sowie bestehende Einrichtungen. Sie wird eingeführt, um die Memco Elite Serie zu ersetzen, die seit 1998 weltweit über eine Millionen Mal installiert wurde.

New e-series of light grilles for lifts

Memco Limited has launched its new Memco e-series of light grilles for lift safety. Forty years of design and manufacture experience were drawn on in the development. The series is a reliable and affordable option for new and existing installations. It has been introduced to replace the Memco Elite series, which has been installed worldwide over a million times since 1998.

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