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Issue 02/2012

Issue 02/2012

Telegärtner Elektronik – connected with safety

GSM cellular communication gateways “Made in Germany”
For Telegärtner it is important and a matter of course that products like emergency call telephones and GSM gateways are developed and produced exclusively in Germany. This is the only way to ensure that quality and performance are as they should be. One can negotiate about the price, but not about the quality.

Concealed high tech – a lift in art nouveau style

This was not something the builders of the city villa a hundred years ago dreamt of: a glass lift integrated precisely and elegantly in the historic staircase.

Spring greetings

The cold season is over at last. Some people may be disappointed that the skiing season is winding down, but as it is not my favourite I‘m looking forward to the first few warm rays of sunshine. When reading you no longer need to cuddle up under blankets with the heating turned up, but can instead do so outside on a deckchair in the fresh air. Surprisingly, even a few pansies have survived the hard frosts on my balcony and are already cautiously turning their heads to the sun. Our industry is picking up too and has awakened from its “hibernation.”

Key systems – always an eye-catcher

Hans & Jos. Kronenberg GmbH manages to combine design and functionality in their products. This is true of the entire product range of the medium-sized company from Gladbach (Germany).

Mobile light laboratory

Light analyser for lighting current, illuminance and colour of individual LeDs, LeD modules, LeD lights and other light sources
In general, Averdi has subjected all LED lights and most LED lighting to light rendering, a so-called efficiency visualisation. However, in practice uncertainty often arises.

Worldwide most innovative inclined lift operates in Meißen

For what is already the fourth time Hütter-Aufzüge has received the coveted Elevator World prize. The Hamburg family company was honoured for an inclined lift in Meißen in Saxony with the “Project of the Year 2012.”

Modernisation with yesterday’s technology?

Recognise this? A dated building is to be brought up to scratch. This includes modern technology, energy-friendly renovation and lowering the operating costs. We lift experts know exactly what technology is best. But unfortunately we yield to the temptation to stick with the equipment we have always used.

Systematic lighting technology

“illunova” is the name of the new light technology developed by Schaefer GmbH, for energysaving lift cabin lighting.

Affordable modernisation of lifts

Amphitech has been offering lift-specific solutions for remote emergency calls for over 20 years. Many of these products are in particular intended for retrofitting and are distinguished by easy installation in existing lifts.

New control stations for lifts

Backed by experience and knowledge gained from over 25 years in the lift industry, Pizzato Elettrica also has innovative solutions to offer in new sectors. The products combine practical advantages and flexibility in use with attractive looks.

CiA’s 20th anniversary

This year was CAN in Automation’s 20th anniversary (March, 5th). The nonprofit users’ and manufacturers’ group with 570 member companies serves the CAN (Controller Area Network) community with marketing and standardization activities. CAN is a serial bus system used in many industries. There are sold annually close to 1 billion CAN interfaces.

Wireless solution for lift emergency call

Voice emergency call in lifts in Germany is obligatory. Though all too often the conditions for this do not exist: what are the lift erector and operator to do if there is no telephone connection for the emergency call available? The alternative: wireless solution using a GSM gateway.

Top safety for planners and processors

The LSC lift smoke control lift shaft desmoking system from D+H has now officially received the building standards licence (Z-78. 12-210) from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt). As a result, the safety of this system for energy-optimised ventilation and desmoking of lift shafts has also been confirmed by the highest body.

Safe and simple solution for hydraulic lifts

Brobeil has found a safe, simple solution for its hydraulic lifts. It has used the DSV A3 valve since the end of September 2011 in all hydraulic units of Bucher Hydraulics AG in combination with its own Brobeil-LIFTcontrol mechanism.

A3 for 28 years

As expected, the main topic at the interlift 2011 was the implementation of the EN81-1/2: 1998+A3: 2010 standard. What was astonishing was that specialist companies knew so little about the standard at this time. There are different systems on the market, which in part are very elaborate or very simple, but efficient in their mode of operation. The recording and triggering system of BODE belongs to the second group.

Fire-tested door entrances with variable installation dimensions

It is not just operators and planners of lift systems who bear responsibility when it comes to the subject of fire protection, but the component manufacturers also have a major role to play.

Legal security for lift shaft smoke extraction systems

BTR Brandschutz-Technik und Rauchabzug GmbH from Hamburg has been supplying the lift market for years with modern smoke extraction systems. Hundreds of lifts in Germany and its neighbours have this energy-saving technology with which the otherwise permanently installed smoke extraction opening is closed by a power-operated light dome or window.

Acoustical design for lifts with a machine room

VDi 2566 part 1 in 2011 issued as updated but technically not revised guideline in German and english
Lifts cause switching, starting, driving and braking noises. These noises are transmitted into rooms requiring protection, for example into living-rooms, and can lead there to annoyance. A proper planning and/or execution of the lift system and/or of the building itself can minimize or even prevent this.

A heart for maintenance companies

Lifts have to run, maintenance companies have to make sure they can. Whether preventative maintenance or repair in the event of a standstill, rapid availability of the matching spare parts is always the central question. Particularly when one has many different makes to supervise, clear identification of the spare part needed often confronts the technician with a difficult task. An incorrectly ordered part means return, additional costs and at least another day where the lift is out of action. How can one best support the technician on the spot?

Energy Efficiency of Lifts

3rd VFA Discussion on VDi Guideline 4707 Part 2 Components
The 3rd VFA discussion on Guideline VDI 4707 will take place on Wednesday, 13 June 2012, in Duesseldorf/Germany. The VDI Society for Civil Engineering and Building Services is the sponsor of the event.


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