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Issue 04/2012

Issue 04/2012

Modernisation of a goods lift

In 2011 and 2012 the company Aufzugund Fördertechnik Niggemeier & Leurs GmbH from Bottrop modernised a goods lift with a load-bearing capacity of 10,000 kg (year built 1968) in a large steel work in Duisburg.

Choosing the right emergency telephone

We all like to be advised, but we want to make our own decisions. Advice should be independent and not guided by sales interests. We like to get advice from experts, but do not want to be told what to do. It would be child’s play to describe why SafeLine emergency call systems are a good choice. But let us just ask the questions that come up when making a decision. EN 81-28 is the guideline here.

Headless building: no problem

After redesign a shaft head of just 2600 mm can be realised
Of course no one builds “headless” – instead they use their heads, but increasingly without lift shaft roof structure. The Pluto construction kit of the Swiss hydraulic expert Bucher Hydraulics AG has been revised and apart from a more favourable price now has the following feature: the shaft head (distance from the floor of the highest storey to the highest part of the construction kit) is now just 2600 mm high.

Efficiency also under rough environmental conditions

Hydraulic lifting systems can be found in all kinds of environments, which often also pose special demands on the technology used. Yaskawa has expanded its frequency converter series A1000 with IP54-compatible models for efficient and safe operation under rough environmental conditions. As a result, the characteristic advantages – such as longer maintenance intervals and material-conserving operation – can also be used where the use of frequency converters previously was not possible.

“2014 will be the end of the world“ or “What can I do?“

If the Mayans were right, the world will come to an end in 2012 and the subject of the conversion of the “analogue” telephone connections of German Telekom to package-oriented transmission (key words “VoIP”, “Internet telephony” or “NGN”) need not detain us. But if we regard the future with optimism, we will experience this change.

Heavy boat lifting for the Big Splash Park in New Zealand

A very unusual request was addressed to Bucher Hydraulics in April 2011: A customer required 2 boat lifts for a water ride called Big Splash in a new adventure theme park in New Zealand.

Operation of emergency call systems

A lift emergency call is seldom needed, usually only after years of trouble-free lift operation – but then it must work reliably, since normally it is the only way to initiate organised rescue of those trapped.

GSM Nano – the simple and secure emergency call solution

“Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler!” True to the motto of the Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein, Leitronic aG has been developing and producing innovations in Switzerland for over 40 years: the emergency call devices EasyAlarm and Exicall, the access control system HandyDoorMate, the baby telephone bébétel and many more.

Maximum energy saving in lift cabin doors with locks

Meiller lift cabin doors with no-maintenance d.c. drives and the AT 40 Siemens door control can now for the first time – also with the lift cabin door lock TA 7.1V – be supplied with the energy saving system Ecodrive or Ecodrive plus.

Additional valuable living area thanks to narrow lift doors

A new generation of lift doors with a lower door package width is establishing itself on the market. The advantages and new design are increasingly winning over building owners and architects.

System building block for the “electrification” of lift doors

The new solenoid just presented by K.A. Schmersal GmbH offers lift manufacturers an option for electric actuation of door locks. Thanks to modern lift concepts like home lifts or applications in the area of handicapped lifts, there were repeatedly calls for an option for direct electric actuation of door locks.

Project of the Hessian Labour Protection Administration in 2010 and 2011

Audit of passenger lifts regarding implementation of operator obligations after being put into operation
Since 1 July 1999 passenger lifts have been put into operation according to the directive 95/16/ EC and as systems in need of monitoring sine 1 January 2003 according to the Operational Safety Ordinance.

MEILLER ScooterGuard

Twice the Safety – for lift passengers with mobility scooters and for lift operators
Mobility scooters are increasingly popular among elder people and others with restricted movement ability. As the average age of the population in Europe increases, so does the demand for electric mobility vehicles such as these. They are extremely agile, and very good at entering and exiting lifts in retirement homes, etc.

Investment in customer security

Security is one of the basic requirements for handling sensitive customer data. As a result, GS electronic Gebr. Schönewitz GmbH from Rheine (Germany) decided to take the step of erecting another computer centre to secure data and guarantee smooth business operations.

The run has begun

The three top benchmarks, which were achieved by the interlift in 2011, are first-class indicators of dynamic growth of the interlift 2013: Last October 499 exhibitors presented their novelty products and trends to 18,781 visitors on 45,000 m² of exhibition area – the perfect framework for the jubilee event on the occasion of the 10th interlift in Augsburg.

Frequency transformers and residual current devices (RCD)

BGV A3, basic protection, fault protection and fire protection
Recently there have been an increased number of defects during the acceptance inspection of new or modernised lifts with frequency transformers. The lack of demonstrated protective measures against shock currents “after the transformer” is criticised or included as reference in the test report. The installation of an alternating current-direct current RCD is recommended.

Lift emergency call for Saudi Arabia

The CMA Tower in the Saudi Arabian capital Riad, which is to be 385 m high, has been equipped with the emergency call technology of Telegärtner Elektronik. The order of the state Capital Market Authority (CMA) for passenger transport went to ThyssenKrupp Elevator and covered almost their entire product range.

New door contact series

Pizzato Elettrica recently launched the new DS C door contact series with input contacts in orthogonal position vis-à-vis the attachment area. The new series, which was developed with the aim of providing the customer with a universal product that covers all functionalities demanded by the market, is available in two versions: with front input of the actuator (DS CH) and with back input of the actuator (DS CN).

Going up the easy way

DualLift and die Stingl GmbH are jointly opening up the national and international lift market to assembly concepts for the increasingly important frameless lift assembly.

The main themes at BAU 2013

BAU 2013, the leading world fair for architecture, materials and systems will take place from 14 to 19 January 2013 on the grounds of the Neue Messe Munich.000 exhibitors from over 40 countries and 240,000 visitors from around the world are expected. The BAU will present architecture, materials and systems for industrial and residential construction and interior decorating in new and existing properties on 180,000 m².

Three companies – one goal: system certification of the UCM protective installation

BODE, Cobianchi and Schlosser together with TÜV Rheinland have subjected their individual components, which had already been certified individually as certified safety components, to a voluntary system prototype test according to EN 81-1:1998+A3:2009.

10th Schwelmer Symposium

On 18 and 19 June 2012 about 130 participants attended the anniversary event of the Schwelmer Symposium. As usual Klaus-Peter Kapp, member of the Board of Directors of the VFA-Interlift e.V. and managing partner of Janzhoff Aufzüge GmbH took the chair during the discussions.

5th GAT Supplier Day

GAT (Joint Lift Technology Association) held its 5th Supplier Day and 14th General Meeting on 8 and 9 May 2012. The SME contact exchange market took place for the first time in Bad Kissingen.

International D+H Partner Conference 2012

With about 100 participants – including 41 representatives from 30 foreign D+H partner companies - this year’s international Partner Conference of the company based in Ammersbek (Germany) from 10 to 12 May in Salzburg once again provided an international exchange of experience regarding smoke and heat extraction and ventilation technology.

VmA general meeting in Cologne

On 22 March 2012 the Association of Medium-Sized Lift Companies (VmA) held its general meeting in the Best Western Hotel in Cologne. On the previous evening the members met informally in the brewery “Sünner Keller.”



I hope you enjoyed the summer break, had a good holiday and are now embarking on the second half of the year fully recuperated. For my part, I have no complaints – my journey was above all sunny and otherwise very pleasant too – if one ignores the fact we were robbed of our freedom for a few hours. Nothing serious, but it gets one thinking. Different countries, different customs - how lucky we are at home after all.

Autonomous monitoring unit identifying unwanted cabin movements

With the UCM-01 Module, RST Elektronik GmbH adds another innovative component to its product range.

Simply the best

cegard/Mini represents outstanding value for money in the field of lift light grilles. No other light grille can be so easily installed, is as sturdy and reliable as the best seller from CEDES.

Drive technology for door drives: state of the art

Apart from the general requirements for products in this day and age like price, reliability, service life, size, energy efficiency, etc., there are still other criteria, which are important for doors in particular. After all, a door is expected to move as quickly as possible, but at the same quietly and in an attractive manner and subject to observance of safetyrelated requirements for closing force and energy. Different drive technologies have developed over the course of time through the interaction of the particular state of the art of the technology of the motors and their controls.

lift technology in the new 1WTC in New York City

Elgo Electronics from Rielasingen on Lake Constance is a leading manufacturer of magnetically-based length measurement systems, which are used both in modern mechanical engineering as well as in the lift sector.

Component integration on model scale

The interlinking of lift components with CANOpen is the next big thing. The open communication protocol offers liberties with regard to components, suppliers and service selection. New services, such as that of the system integrator or remote monitoring of lifts can be created.

Digital shaft copying for digital displays

The digital shaft copying DSK1 for Kronenberg floor position displays, first presented at interlift 2011, has already been put to repeated practical use by our customers. The reaction has been thoroughly positive. The fast installation, reliable function and favourable price have been praised.

Innovative shaft ventilation and smoke extraction

Incl. general building standards approval (AbZ) and vdS system check
Recent press reports in relation to the legal security of smoke and heat extraction systems have produced alarm and concern among lift planners, fitting companies and operators in Germany. Consequently, in future they will decide on systems with a general building standards permit issued by the German Institute for Building Technology (DiBt) as well as a current system check by the German institute for fire safety systems inspection (VdS) to avoid any risk of deciding on the wrong system – with far-reaching consequences.

The affordable everywhere lift

Herkules Hebetechnik from Kassel (Germany) offers very flexible assistance for the handicapped in the form of the Lift MB. It makes overcoming stairs and terraces fast and easy. Installation of the lift is unproblematic.

United in Atlantic City 2012

educational topics have been set for the United Convention and exposition in Atlantic City, New Jersey, September 10-13, 2012. Built on the foundation of an exceptional trade show and unsurpassed educational programs, this event will benefit the entire industry.

25 percent more generated

LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz GmbH, one of the best established manufacturers of daylight systems and europe’s biggest producer of fibre-reinforced plastics, has concluded the 2011 financial year with the highest sales in its company history.


Jörg Behr - Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jan König - Britta und Dennis Schönweitz

VDMA general meeting 2012 in Hamburg

This time the general meeting of the VDMA Association Lifts and Escalators did not take place as usual in Frankfurt a.M., but instead in Hamburg. On 22 and 23 March 2012 about 90 participants met for this purpose in the Mövenpick Hotel in Sternschanzenpark.

What actually happens after the beep?

Event on the eve of the Heilbronn Lift Days
To get to the bottom of this question in the area of lift emergency calls, Bosch Sicherheitssysteme in cooperation with SafeLine issued an invitation at the beginning of this year‘s Heilbronn Lift Days.

Here we go again

After the record interlift 2011 the preparations for interlift 2013 have started
Although we are only sending out the documentation for the interlift at the beginning of March 2012, the first inquiries have already reached the Project Management. For example from India, where the worldwide promotion tour for the interlift 2013 was launched at the International Elevator and Escalator Expo in Mumbai.

5. AlGI Open Day

Motto: “Advances in hydraulic lifts”
On 20 and 21 March more than 85 people – including lift companies, operators and planning firms – accepted the invitation of ALGI and Henning to find out more about energy-saving and low-noise hydraulic drives without machine-rooms from ALGI.

29. Heilbronn lift Days

This year the record number of participants of 2011 was even surpassed: about 320 people attended the Lift Days on 6 and 7 March 2012 in Heilbronn. About 40 companies presented themselves in the accompanying trade exhibition - more than ever before.


25 years VFA-interlift

General Assembly 2012 in Lucerne/Switzerland
For the 25th anniversary of the VFAInterlift this year’s general assembly took place in a special atmosphere: About 150 people travelled to Lucerne in Switzerland from 19 to 20 April 2012.

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