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Issue 06/2012

Issue 06/2012

Year for year

The trees are bare and outside it is cold, wet and forbidding. And yet now the cosy and contemplative part of the year is beginning. The year 2012 is winding down and it is time to look back and then ahead.

PTU 80 V5 – next generation lift emergency call from Amphitech

Amphitech has been producing and selling emergency call telephones for almost 25 years. During this time the devices have undergone continuous further development in accordance with the currently valid regulations and optimised for use in lifts.

High tech and perfect aesthetics in historic environment – part 2

Alois Kasper GmbH facilitates a special kind of modernisation in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt
Within a very narrow time frame the Alois Kasper lift factory managed to carry out a complete modernisation of six lifts with the highest demands in terms of technology and design to the customer’s complete satisfaction. A total of 43.6 t of material was dismantled, 2400 l of old oil disposed of and the old lifts replaced by six luxury models in just 80 working days.

A factory with vision: “Excellence in Solutions”

In August 2012 Wittur invited the editorial team of the LIFTjournal to an inspection of the Italian door factory in Colorno near Parma. The subsidiary established 35 years ago is the biggest of the eleven factories of the company worldwide with a total area of 58,000 m2.

Installation Safety Award 2012

The strategy group of the licensed monitoring bodies of the technical standards inspection association, VdTÜV, bestowed the 2012 Installation Safety Award on 25 September. Westfa GmbH and Stadtwerke München GmbH received the award as exemplary companies for their excellent installation safety. The winners demonstrated the highest standards in the inspections of the independent experts of the licensed monitoring bodies (ZÜS).

Kristalltower in Hamburg harbour

Germany’s highest glass outside lift in operation
Harbour flair on the banks of the Elbe, an impressive view of the city and the glass cabins gliding upwards: Hütter- Aufzüge GmbH has completed what is to date a unique lift on the Kristalltower in Holzhafen.

A classy piece of metal – ventilation and smoke extraction whatever the weather

The new product from BTR Brandschutz-Technik und Rauchabzug GmbH from Hamburg combines all the important components of smoke extraction, ventilation and building standards licence - combined with functional design. The stainless steel hood is supplied as a structural component ready for installation. A motor-powered window with blind has been integrated in the vertical channel according to DIN EN 12101-2. The glass insets of the window with blind are heat-insulated. The advantage of the hood is that it is absolutely rain-proof - even when it is open.

Emergency lift alarm system easier to program

Memco, a provider of lift safety and communication systems, has redesigned its emergency lift alarm system Memcom to make it even easier to program. The latest version of Memcom features a new interface in which programming relies on a tick-box system and drop-down menus rather than code-based prefixes BTR and suffixes, making programming the unit a simpler and more intuitive process.

Emerson Lift Day on Lake Ammer

About 40 people assembled at the Emerson Lift Day 2012 to find out about new trends in controls, drive solutions and energy efficiency. This year the talks took place on 13 September during a ship tour on Lake Ammer.

Euro-Lift 2012 – review

Central and Eastern Europe’s unique elevator expo
Euro-Lift expo is the only event of this kind held in the eastern part of Europe. Until now the lift business sector, in spite of its significant potential, has not gained proper recognition in Poland. Euro-Lift provides the opportunity to present market’s best-selling products and to hold unveilings of new short distance transport equipment.

Subsequent report on 5th European Lift Congress

At the beginning of October 2012 about 100 people accepted the invitation to the 5th European Lift Congress in Heilbronn. The organisers presented the participants with an attractive programme with high quality speakers. Thanks to the moral support by the ELA, the two German manufacturing associations VDMA and VFA as well as the VdTÜV, the congress was a complete success.

interlift 2013: Increasing interest from European countries

There are a number of signs that indicate that the interlift could more or less achieve the record figures of the jubilee event in 2011. Of course, the Euro crisis is making life particularly difficult for exhibiting countries such as Spain, Greece and Italy. It was not without a reason that the three elevator trade fairs in Milan, Barcelona and Athens were cancelled, but fortunately here the interlift offers new opportunities to those concerned. After all, with their 135 participating companies these three important elevator countries represent a good quarter of the exhibitors of the interlift 2011.

VFA interlift Forum 2013: Call for Papers

From Tuesday October 15, to Friday October 18, 2013, VFA-Interlift e.V. - Association for Lift Technology - will again be promoting its speakers ´ forum for both exhibitors and visitors at the interlift tradeshow. You are cordially invited to hold a lecture of approximately 20 minutes plus a 10-minutes discussion period.


The renaissance of the asynchronous drive

In recent years the driveless permanent magnet synchronous drive has experienced a regular boom due to the increasing distribution of cable lifts without machine-room. It is also gaining approval in the modernisation of existing lifts.

10 000 spare parts, one name

Why more and more lift companies are choosing Elevatorshop
Lift out of order! No problem for Paul Clarke. In 2003 the Australian sportsman needed a breath-taking nine minutes and thirty-five seconds to climb the 1576 stairs of the Empire State Building.

Components which are reliable in permanent operation

Reliability, high availability, low operating costs and investment security are concepts that are currently becoming increasingly important in connection with technical installations. Very busy installations need secure, dependable components. These characteristics are reflected in the products of Hans & Jos. Kronenberg GmbH, which has now devoted itself for over 80 years to the development of high quality switching components for lift and machinery construction.

Lift emergency call system for people with impaired hearing

Getting stuck in a lift is a very unpleasant idea for many people. In such a situation most can speak to the emergency call control centre, which organises their liberation. However, people with impaired hearing are cut off from this reassuring communication. The messages of the emergency call control centre remain incomprehensible for them.

How do you recognise good service?

Ideally you do not notice it at all, because everything seems to run on its own in the background. If you activate it yourself, it should be available immediately and do exactly what you want. If on top of this you have a quality level established years before, you should be able to count on satisfied customers. This is the point where quite a number of lift emergency call telephones find themselves - and wonder why the customers are not so satisfied after all.

Heavy duty sliding door with special dimensions

The six-leaf, centrally opening shaft and cabin sliding door Zenit was specially designed for rough industrial operations. For its design Meiller combined and consistently implemented its many years of experience in building heavy lift doors with the requirements of lift builders and operators.

New standard for barrier-freedom

RAL, the acknowledged service provider for quality assurance of products and services, has now also set standards for barrier-free construction. With the newly introduced RAL quality seal “barrier-free” wheelchair users or older people will for example in future be able to recognise if a building is free of obstacles in every respect.

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