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Issue 03/2014

Issue 03/2014

Everything stays different

You must be wondering: an old picture and a new name – did the graphic designer make a mistake? No, let me reassure you, it’s all as it should be! I recently married and consequently Ms Kolb has now become Ms Leurs. For you nothing will change, except I would like to ask you to adapt my e-mail address – though messages to the old address will of course be forwarded. New name, same content.

New lift emergency call system for people with hearing difficulties

Telegärtner offers first visual emergency call worldwide
There are about 800,000 passenger lifts in Germany. According to the Lift Directive, they all need to have a communication system that permits connection to a rapidly deployable emergency service. However, all previous lift emergency calls systems have been exclusively voicebased.

Those were the Heilbronn Lift Days 2014

In mid-March 2014 about 320 participants attended the 31st Heilbronn Lift Days. As in the year before, Klaus Dietel was responsible for the basic concept and management.

DigiPara fascinated the visitors at the IEE Expo in Mumbai, India

DigiPara was recently represented by the reseller Arya Lift Sansthan at the International Elevator and Escalator Expo in Mumbai, which is India’s only trade show dedicated to the vertical transportation industry.

Seventh meeting of the control manufacturers – OC4L

On 6 March 2014 the members of the OC4L group met at Kollmorgen Steuerungstechnik in Cologne. Jan König was also present at this meeting as VFA representative.

New traction lifting systems for low rise buildings

Kleemann has designed, manufactured and certified two new traction lifting systems in order to serve low rise buildings and maisonettes.

VDMA: Germany’s lifts are safe

The new accident figures for 2013 prove that lift safety remains at a high level.

2014 Lift Safety Report presented

The safety level of technical installations in Germany is high. This is evident from the 2014 Lift Safety Report of the licensed monitoring bodies (ZÜS), which was presented by the Association of Technical Standard Monitoring Associations (VdTÜV) in Berlin. Nevertheless, there were safety defects in technical industrial installations, which were only recognised by independent inspections. The experts discerned clear safety shortfalls in lifts.

Horizon 2020

The new grant programmes of the EU for 2014-2020
A lot has changed. The “framework” is out of date, the continuity of FP 1-71 has been abandoned. Already during FP6 – while FP72 was being prepared – there were loud calls for a fundamental overhaul in the EU’s research promotion activities. Since mid-December 2013 it has been evident how the coming activities will be classified within overall European policy.

Escalator installations in Europe

Less than 20 years ago, Europe was the continent with the most escalators produced and installed in the world. All major OEM’s had at least one escalator assembly facility in Europe and certainly all expertise around escalators was based in Europe. This all seems far away and long ago and while today by far the most escalators in the world are assembled and installed in China, there is still a lot of know-how in Europe.

Technical transformation of the telecommunications networks demands new solutions

Telecommunications networks are undergoing a fundamental structural transformation – this realisation is now spreading in the lift sector too. The conversion of all telecommunications networks to an IP (Internet protocol)-based protocol was announced as early as 2010 and is to be completed by 2018 at the latest.

The lift attendant

Irritating obligation fulfilment or improved service?
Technical devices can fail and consequently need to be monitored. In the old TRA07 the qualified person was responsible for checking the key “vital data” of the lift once a week.

Euro-Lift 2014

Only event of its kind in Central and East Europe
The 3rd Euro-Lift 2014, an international lift industry fair, will take place in Kielce in central Poland from 22 to 24 October 2014.

VDMA annual general meeting 2014

About 70 members of the VDMA FV AuF (German Engineering Association, Technical Association Lifts and Escalators) travelled to Frankfurt a.M. on 20 and 21 March. The 2014 Annual General Meeting once again took place in the VDMA building. In this context the Board of Management for the next three years was also re-elected (see page 24).

VFA and VmA annual general meetings in Mainz

On 3 and 4 April the annual general meetings of the VFA-Interlift (Association for Lift Technology) and VmA (Association of Lift SMEs) took place. About 250 participants travelled to Mainz for this purpose. Thematic city tours and a joint dinner rounded off the event.

Safe shaft copying according to EN81-1/2 and A3

With its new Limax33 Safe ELGO Electronic GmbH & Co. KG has a system that meets new requirements, including with regard to the A3 standard extension. Due to its simple, flexible assembly, this system is also suitable for modernisations as well as new installations.

Lift light grids – everything run-of-the-mill?

At first sight the market for lift light grids consists of standardised products, sold at very low street prices, but which fail to fit every application in the lift sector. “Flexible light grids” are then required.


Tried-and-tested solution for retrofitted lift car separation doors

The Meiller lift car separation door GeniusPlus is a convincing solution that has been tried-and-tested for many years for retrofitting cargo lifts with passenger transport, which are still operated without lift car doors.

Sichere Schachtkopierung nach EN81-1/2 und A3

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