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Issue 04/2014

Issue 04/2014

Summer at last!

We cannot really talk about the winter of 2013/2014 being hard, but the joy is still great whenever the temperatures rise over 20 °C, nature turns lush green instead of being brown-grey and even the rain smells of summer and doesn’t get one down!

Inspection disk for lifts?

Germany’s lifts have fewer defects – according to the lift safety report of the VdTÜV (Association of Technical Inspection Associations). For example, for the first time since 2008 the number of lifts without defects has increased. But the Association fears the positive development is under threat from the planned amendment of the Operational Safety Ordinance and is pleading for better provision of information to operators, who are often unfamiliar with their obligations.

Looking for Germany’s power people

The Deutsche Handwerksblatt and Signal Iduna are for the sixth time looking for attractive craftsmen and –women who would like to present themselves and their trade in front of a camera.

New website

The Bavarian lift specialist Butz & Neumair recently launched a new website, www.mobil-nachoben. de, in order to provide property owners with even better information about its home lifts.

First hand future information

The “Girls’ Day” initiated by German federal ministries, the European Union and various associations also returned to Yaskawa in 2014: in Allershausen and Eschborn girls from the fifth to tenth classes were able to experience professions in technology, IT, handicraft trades and natural sciences live on this special initiative day.

New system catches attention

Cedes’ innovative SIL 3-certified APS (Absolute Positioning System) caught the attention of many attendees at the 2014 Schwelmer Symposium, which took place in June in Germany.

VDMA: lift industry on steady growth course

A good business climate and growth in the order books of ten percent for German manufacturers – this is what the current market figures for new lifts in 2013 reveal in terms of numbers. In terms of value new orders amounted to 596 million euros and as a result were 3.6 percent above the value of 2012.

Excellent performance

In Sweden, two famous awards have been instituted by leading business magazines Veckans Affärer and Dagens Industri and are awarded to companies meeting a number of criteria.

Looking forward to the future

Fifty years Schaefer GmbH
The Swabian expression “Schaffa, schaffa, Häusle baua” – meaning basically “work, earn money, save, build a house” – is a virtue that does indeed apply particularly to the people of the region and is something they have lived by for generations. Successfully. Which is also evident from a brief look at the anniversary of SCHAEFER GmbH in Sigmaringen.

European Central Bank Frankfurt

Modernisation of lifts with focus on energy efficiency
Anyone who uses a lift is in a building area with considerable potential for energy wastage. At a time when energy efficiency is hotly debated, lifts can make a considerable contribution to energy saving. The European Central Bank (ECB) in the Eurotower in Frankfurt is a successful example for the use of an economic electrical lift shaft smoke extraction system with the closure of the permanently open smoke extraction vents. The sustainably designed Lift-Smoke-Free system was used here, which combines lift shaft smoke extraction with natural ventilation.

More safety for users and operators

The progressive aging of society in Europe and the desire for mobility in old age is leading to an increasing demand for electric vehicles. With practical aids like the nimble electro-mobiles – also known as scootmobiles – most lifts in public buildings, or for example in old age homes, can be entered without any problems.

6th European Lift Congress 2014

The next European Lift Congress will be staged on October 14 and 15, 2014. As in past years, the event’s patrons will be the European Lift Association ELA, the German Manufacturers’ Associations VDMA and VFA, and the Association of Technical Inspectorate Agencies VdTÜV.

6th GAT Suppliers’ Day and General Meeting

Bad Kissingen is always worth visiting. If the invitation is from the GAT Gemeinschaft Aufzugstechnik eG for its trade meeting, this is for many all the more case.

Euro-Lift for professionals

Targi Kielce is looking forward to seeing the European lift experts at the only lift-business sector’s expo in this part of Europe. The event will abound with specialised conferences.

interlift 2015: Upgrade of the Augsburg Trade Fair Centre

Since the première of the interlift in 1991, the space offered in the Augsburg Trade Fair Centre has continuously been upgraded, and once again for the interlift 2015 new exhibitions halls will be available to offer the exhibition space required.

12th VDMA Juniors’ Meeting at Stingl

On 08 and 09 May 2014 about 30 people travelled to Heilbronn for the Juniors’ Meeting. This year the twelfth staging of this event, which took place under the patronage of the VDMA Association Lifts and Escalators, was hosted by Stingl.

Premium doors for every requirement

In the last thirty years the lift industry has enjoyed steady development, to which the constant advances in social and technical areas have made a considerable contribution. This development has led to a special focus on the design and construction of various lift components and also to a market that places higher demands on the lift, which is no longer regarded merely as a machine accomplishing upward transport, but instead as one that has to meet ever higher demands and expectations.

Emergency release by bowden cable control

According to the valid European norms lift shaft doors are equipped with locking devices to ensure that the shaft doors can only be opened in normal operation if the car has reached the corresponding floor. An accidental opening of the shaft door and the associated risks are thus prevented.

Slim lift door withstands pendulum impact test

Riedl calls its completely new generation of telescopic sliding doors “Liz”. They are especially suitable for the conversion or modernisation of lifts. Liz manages with a door package width of just 150 mm and complies with strict fire protection regulations and all prescribed strength requirements, with testing by the TÜV technical standards organisation.


Lift instead of move

The way to the upper floors in many residential buildings still involves stairs, since the narrow stairways frequently do not permit installing a lift. The new Kone ProSpace provides a remedy, since with it such a project is feasible with stairwells of just 1 x 0.75 m.

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