Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Displays in lifts are getting smarter

At this year’s interlift Schaefer presented its new 3.2 / 4.3 / 5.6 / 7 and 15” TFT display generations, which can also be configured via an app after installation. The CANopen-capable "Media TFT flex” goes a step further.


The Media TFT flex layout can be conveniently adjusted, customised and remotely maintained via smartphone, tablet or PC. Apart from multimedia contents, the signals of the lift control or sensor data such as nominal load, lift position and speed, etc. can be read out and displayed directly.

HandwerkThe Media TFT flex can also be operated in lifts without CANopen interface with the assistance of so-called AnKa modules. The Media TFT flex is also optionally available with touch functions for the purpose of call buttons, landing buttons or access control via PIN. The compact dimensions permit the installation of 10.4 to 32” displays.


The buttons and displays of the Schaefer 45, RT 42, MT 42 and Epsilon styles were supplemented with the new "NA” version. The buttons and displays of this series are fitted with a large terminal clamp and can be operated in a voltage range of 12-120 V.

Versatility and flexibility which is also reflected in the selection of the LED colour, because this can be set directly with the button, on the spot at the building site.

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