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The smart sheave

Schwartz Plastik unveiled a world first in the form of the easy-to-install and adjust Optamid EasyFlex deflection sheave at the interlift 2015.


Over the centuries lift pulley sheaves have hardly changed. They are discs with several grooves in which the ropes are guided. There may be no problems when it comes to simple sheaves and a classic steel rope. It is a different story when several ropes with differing tensions run over a pulley sheave and plastic-sheathed ropes are also used.

Revolutionary design

Schwartz GmbH Technische Kunststoffe examined the problem of rope use and rope tension compensation and developed a completely new pulley sheave with separate flexible Optamid EasyFlex grooves. Rings are attached to a polyamide body, which can be moved independently of one another. This revolutionary design has a wide range of advantages for lift manufacturers and operators.

Among others:
– easy and faster rope installation thanks to movable grooves
– easy installation and adjustment of plastic-sheathed wire ropes and similar suspension media
– the separate rings allow each rope to be moved and adjusted independently of each other
– shorter installation times
– even rope tension and as a result a noticeably extended rope service life, up to 1.8-times longer
– low weight of the Optamid EasyFlex deflection sheave compared to a steel sheave and as a result lightweight properties
– marked reduction in life cycle costing
– noticeable improvement in lift travel comfort

"Lifts not only have to facilitate the greatest barrier-freedom possible to cope with demographic trends; they have to become installation and maintenance-friendlier too,” explained Jawk Meijer, Global Sales Manager of Schwartz GmbH Technical Plastics. "Our Optamid EasyFlex deflection sheave is an attractive, future-oriented solution for lift manufacturers and lift service companies.”