Tuesday, 15 October 2019
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New brand name Brandstone

Technically refined hybrid natural stone, frequently confused with thin lightweight stone or thin lightweight stone cuts, was invented by Grama Blend, which patented its development as early as 1990.


At the time the idea of combining natural stone extensively and permanently with other supporting or stabilising materials was an innovation with which it was expected – correctly – that it would be possible to achieve lasting weight reductions in attractive natural stone fittings or applications, while at the same time optimising their strength and load-bearing properties.

Established in lift construction

Based on the concept of the already well-known interior fitting lightweight construction panel, Grama Blend’s high quality hybrid natural stone elements can be installed with all standard mounting and attachment techniques while saving time and money. This also opens up the possibility of high quality and rational remodelling of partial or complete areas for overhaul and modernisation projects.

Currently Grama Blend is above all established in lift construction, presentation zones, the interior fitting of luxury yachts and motorhomes and in trade fair construction.

To provide clear orientation and rule out the risk of confusion with conventional or less high quality thin lightweight natural stone products, Grama Blend’s products will with immediate effect be marketed and distributed under the brand name Blendstone. In this way processing handicrafts and industry is also to be given the opportunity to supplement its own product and service portfolio and work rationally with the tailor-made Blendstone lightweight components.


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