Wednesday, 26 February 2020
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Emergency calls with new look and content

Amphitech presented its new device generation for lift emergency calls at interlift 2015. It also has a new name. After more than 20 years PTU has now become TAU.


The newly developed TAU 01 lift emergency call device has an integrated emergency power supply, including battery buffer, and apart from the previously customary connection media of analogue telephone line, GSM and IP transformer, it can also be used on next generation analogue connections. The TAU 01 in addition has several suitable communication protocols.

Comfort through voice-guided programming

Further features of the TAU 01 are the reassurance announcement, convenient voice-guided programming of the device and an integrated audio booster, permitting public address of the lift from the lift car roof without additional loudspeakers in the car. Up to eight TAU devices can be parallel-connected to a communication interface.

The TAU 01 naturally meets all EN 81-28 relevant requirements and operates in terms of deployment like the previously familiar PTU devices, especially in terms of operation and installation. Thanks to mounting on the lift car roof and the clamp connections now used, the TAU 01 is also suitable for replacement of various older PTU devices while retaining the loudspeakers and microphone elements.

Hence the TAU 01 is a synergy of the tried-and-tested functions of the PTU series, very easy mounting, suitability for future communication methods and flexibility.

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