Tuesday, 10 December 2019
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An ideal symbiosis

Siwaltec now belongs to the Telegärtner Elektronik company association. Both companies consider this to be an ideal symbiosis of two business segments.


In 2008 Siwaltec was founded on the suggestion and with the cooperation of Telegärtner to manage SIM cards. Siwaltec’s tasks included providing SIM cards, their rapid activation or blocking and the permanent function control and monitoring of the SIM cards.

Continued improvement of SIM cards

The performance features of the cards were continuously improved. For example, cards with different language and data options are now available, cards can be generated with a fixed, life-long IP address and log into partner networks should the Telekom D1 network for once be unavailable.

HandwerkApart from the ease of checking whether a card is logged into a network, more information on every single SIM card can now be obtained.

For example, in combination with Telegärtner mobile communications devices, the cards can now also transmit the current signal reception strength, the current state of emergency power supply, the international identification number (IMEI = International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) of the GSM module and many other variables. All of these are recorded chronologically and can be referred to for diagnosis.

Unbroken customer interest

Siwaltec’s business development has soared. Many thousands of SIM cards have entered the market since the business was launched; customer interest is unbroken. "The headlong development of Siwaltec far exceeded our expectations. Overall the wide acceptance on the market shows that we were completely right about offering a special SIM card for lift emergency calls,” concluded Peter Matthes, managing director of Siwaltec.

"With the adoption of Siwaltec in the Telegärtner company association, we have achieved the permanent assurance of the SIM cards and services of Siwaltec for Telegärtner mobile communications emergency calls,” Thomas Hopf, managing director of Telegärtner, was pleased to note. "In this way we have a way of directly influencing further developments at Siwaltec and can further improve the overall emergency call package with SIM cards.”


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