Sunday, 26 January 2020
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Discussion in a forum: technology and safety

It is over ten years old and as lively as ever: the Schwelm Symposium. This year various lift industry experts will get together on 13th and 14th of june in the Vesper conference hotel in Sprockhövel to listen to over 20 talks and discuss current issues related to lifts.


This year’s event organised by the association of Henning GmbH & Co KG with the VFA Interlift and Liftreport will concentrate on "Modern technology in lifts.” The LiftJournal will provide the organisers with active support as media partner. At the symposium twenty-one qualified speakers will present current and informative modern lift technology subjects. Important specialist knowledge will be discussed here, the basis for carrying out responsible lift transactions, planning, designing, building, maintaining and operating.

Enormous range of talks

The event will be hosted for the second time in the Vesper conference hotel. The new feature from last year proved itself in all its facets and will once again provide the participants with an extremely suitable conference atmosphere: an acoustically outstanding lecture theatre, the sun terrace for talking shop in the breaks, a side room for the exhibition, the barn for the evening event and not least the quiet and attractive hotel rooms.

HandwerkOnly a small glimpse of the enormous range of talks will be provided here. For example, Jean-Pierre Jacobs, European Lift Association (ELA), will speak on the topic "Energy efficiency requirements for lifts from the European point of view,” Dirk Preißl, Dusseldorf Fire Brigade, on "Lift use in the event of fire,” Andreas Hönnige, Liftcore GmbH, on the subject "Control technology – trends and prospects,” Lothar Sieber, Schwartz GmbH, on "Rope wear minimisation through plastic deflection sheaves” or Professor Wolfram Vogel on "Ropes help to brake.”

Ideas and problem solutions

With such a widely varied subject spectrum, the Schwelm Symposium provides ideas and problem solutions for lift experts with all kinds of tasks: lift builders, experts, operators, planners, maintenance and service employees.

Traditionally the symposium participants meet on the first evening, the 13th of june., for an informal grill evening - enriched by the performance of a local artist. An event will take place on the evening before on 12th of june. ELGO will present the topic, "Redundant SIL 3 shaft copying” from 7.00 p.m. in the Vesper conference hotel.

Bettina Heimsoeth

More information about the Schwelmer Symposium.

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