Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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New way to receive emergency calls

To meet the demand of its customers and be able to provide particular services in the event of emergency calls, Telegärtner has set up TG Services GmbH.


Many control centre operators are reluctant to accept technical messages, visual emergency calls or lift attendant reports. There are different reasons for this. On the one hand, investments are required in the technology, while on the other one also needs correspondingly trained staff with expert knowledge to handle such calls and data transmissions. A circumstance that many customers complained about to Telegärtner.

Range of services

Consequently Telegärtner decided to found TG Services GmbH and provide its customers with the services demanded. The range of services of TG Services includes connecting technological emergency calls such as malfunction reports, routine reports and measurements as well as the processing of conventional oral emergency calls from lifts, parking garages, automated petrol stations and electric charging stations.

HandwerkConnecting lift attendant modules and visual emergency likewise possible. The product range is rounded off by organising passenger rescue and mounting or troubleshooting of emergency call systems and mobile communications connections.

The function of the TG Services' service centre meets the standards in force (e.g. ÖNORM B 2458:2005-04 or EN81-28) and was certified by TÜV Austria. "Our current connection options include Telegärtner emergency calls, the HBN visual emergency call and emergency call malfunction reports and the AWM lift attendant module,” according to the managing director Thomas Wendel. "We look forward to being able to serve you. We would be pleased to answer any questions you have and provide personal advice.”


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