Tuesday, 19 November 2019
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India: A growing market for lifts

Invertek has shown its Optidrive Elevator at the sixth annual Elevator & Expo (IEEE) at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India.


The IEEE, the fourth largest international elevator & escalator expo in the world, run from March 17 to 19. Optidrive Elevator has been specifically developed to address the exacting performance and reliability requirements of the lift industry. Its popularity is quickly gaining traction as more and more OEMs and System Integrators recognise the high-performance motor control on offer.

Growth market

Providing a smooth journey is key for elevator manufacturers – no-one wants to arrive at their destination having experienced a jerky ride! Optidrive Elevator ensures an effortless journey in geared and gearless applications thanks to a fully programmable travel curve and a dedicated motor holding brake control algorithm that provides comfortable starting and stopping.

India is a growth market for elevators due to the country having a high disposable income, a young working population and a large base of middle class households, all of which has led to more residential development in the country. These residences are mostly based in multi-storey tower blocks, all of which need to ensure they have reliable elevators so their residents are both safe and comfortable. This growing market offers substantial opportunities for Invertek Drives and its international sales partners.


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