Sunday, 26 January 2020
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Star catchers

The lift industry is always on the way upwards. These and others are well known slogans by which enterprises of the industry mark their pretensions for product and business.


However it is fact that the lift also travels downwards, finally it is his duty to serve the vertical traffic in a building. Nobody is absolutely safe from falling down. For that the product lift is fitted with a component to avoid it: the safety gear. The lift industry itself may be threatened by economic descent as well by globalisation, the dawning digital era and the rapid dynamics of today´s markets and technology.

Entrepreneurs at the top position of their enterprises need beside year long experience additional well-founded knowledge for taking correct efficient and sustainable decisions. In ageing societies particularly the selection of members of staff - targeting at their long lasting commitment to the job - represents a very special challenge: Rendering of service has become a key issue also in the lift industry.

Training scheme dedicated to managers and leaders

A team of experts being professionals of good practice in the lift industry - Anne Bernlöhr, Michael Nothdurft and Stephan Kretzschmar – have set up a training scheme dedicated to managers and leaders within lift companies, successors respectively junior employees in the lift industry dealing exactly with these and other important subjects.

The objective of the project called "Star catchers" is to put at the disposal of directors, division managers and leading personnel. Tools, skills and know-how for the sake of being successful not only today but also tomorrow and after tomorrow, taking the path upwards and avoiding a crash-landing. The training for a maximum of 12 participants shall be available as from July 2016 under the signet of "Star catchers” for those German lift companies being aware of the challenges of the future for entities and successors/junior employees.

Don´t keep in today´s daily routine, also think of tomorrow, it is there where decisions will be taken about your enterprise.

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