Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Glass fixtures with that special "touch”

The material glass offers many advantages in lift construction. The smooth and tough surface is heat-resistant, transparent, hygienic and resistant against chemical products. Furthermore it offers a multitude of design options thanks to modern digital printing procedures.


Basically, glass can be devided into float glass, optical glass, hollow glass and technical glass. Schaefer uses high-quality technical white glass. In contrast to the cheaper float glass, white glass does not have a green cast and there are no colour variations in the glass itself.

"Glas individual” and "Glas select” line

For all glass fixtures Schaefer solely uses tempered safety glass. When employed as fixture faceplate the panes are glued to a steel support. During its production process, tempered safety glass is heatened up again to its transformation point and then quickly cooled down (by an airflow). This procedure creates a residual stress within the glass with tensile load in the core and compression load at the surface. Thus this glass even stands acts of vandalism. If nevertheless a breakage should occur, no shards but only harmless little glass cubes are the result.

HandwerkWith the "Glas individual” line, conventional push buttons and other usual operating and indicating elements are employed. Their variety of variants combined with monochrome or graphically customized glass faceplates offers almost unlimited design options.

In addition to this, Schaefer offers "Glas select”, a line with no need for cutouts in the faceplate. This results in a homogeneous fixture surface which perfectly combines elegance and functionality, picks up modern operating habits and defines the human machine interaction in a new way. This is enabled by employing non-contact (capacitive) sensor buttons. Newly-designed from scratch, the Rainbow Button 50 (RB 50) is now available in addition to the so far applied Rainbow Button 42 (RB 42).

New large-surface sensor button RB 50

With a size of 50 x 50 mm the new large-surface sensor button RB 50 from Schaefer offers more flexibility and creative freedom when designing glass fixtures. Rainbow Button 50 is a non-contact button for integration behind isolating material like e. g. glass, acryl glass, etc.

The design of the visible touch respectively signalling area is determined by the rear marking on the glass faceplate. The respective area is illuminated by the button from behind. The standard choice of designs is round or square. However, individual designs can also be realized. There are no limits unlike the RB 42 with its area defined by two ellipses.

Sensitivity of the button increased considerably

HandwerkA new marking option with engraved contoured fonts on the touch plate behind the faceplate creates a button illumination with an attractive depth effect. Just like with its little brother RB 42, the colour and the brightness of the permanent illumination and the recall light colour can be set independently via DIP switches or a PC software.

Furthermore, the sensitivity of the button could be increased considerably which enables its use also behind very thick glass fronts. The button is available both in a variant with 3-wire and with 4-wire technology. Thanks to the disengageable button function, the RB 50 can also be employed as a luminous indicator. Here, the optional marking by means of a film offers even more flexibility.

Emergency call button RB 50 2M XI

Furthermore, with the product RB 50 2M XI a button with an additional potential-free alternating contact is available. It provides two galvanically separated power supplies, one of which is meant for connection of the emergency power supply. Furthermore, it is equipped with SCHAEFER’s patented monitoring circuit. This checks the button function automatically in 24 h intervals. Thus an increased functional safety of the button is ensured and the RB 50 2M XI can be used as emergency call button.

The sensor module Power Saver PS 42 can also be utilized with RB 50 buttons. The Power Saver enables the reduction of the permanent illumination brightness depending on the surrounding brightness or depending on signals from motion sensors and thus helps saving energy. The sensor button RB 50 is available as from June 2016.

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