Tuesday, 10 December 2019
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Light and new lightness

Technically refined hybrid natural stone is a speciality of GramaBlend, which has been setting highlights with it in the lift area for more than 25 years.


The outstanding feature of the high quality natural stone installations or applications of the company brand BlendStone© is the combination of weight reduction with optimised stability and loading properties.

New bandwidth

Moreover, the translucent BlendStone Lumo version has opened up a new bandwidth of light design solutions and options to which another luminous innovative version has just been added. Smooth operating consoles in genuine BlendStone natural stone can now also be combined with sensor controlled LED information and control units (cooperation partner: Schaefer, Sigmaringen).

Discreetly backlit BlendStone Lumo surfaces and operating elements thereby define a completely new level of aesthetically appealing functionality in the lift interior as well as in the access areas: for sophisticated new structures as well as for individual upgrading as part of renovation and modernisation projects.


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