Thursday, 24 October 2019
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Stop at a dizzying height

A permanent lift brings service technology materials almost to the very top of the highest building in the world - the Burj Khalifa in Dubai: the stop is at a height of 611 m. The service lift from Pega’s "Industrial Lift” range is fitted with Schmersal lift switchgear equipment.


The Eiffel Tower is 300 m high, Cologne Cathedral 117 m and the Empire State Building 380 m. Burj Khalifa in Dubai towers over them all and at 828 m is the highest building in the world. The other superlatives of the building include the highest number of usable floors (163), the highest viewing platform in the world (555.7 m) and the highest restaurant (122nd floor).

The service lift sets more world records, bringing material and personnel to heights greater than 600 m to this day. It was built by the Czech company Pega Hoist, which also supplied numerous temporary super high speed construction lifts for Burj Khalifa.

Sturdy switchgear

HandwerkFour Pega double lifts did the basic work in transporting personnel and material for the first 400 m during construction. Lifts with speed regulated drives were used for this purpose, permitting speeds of up to 100 m/min at full load. A number of additional smaller Pega construction lifts were implemented several times as construction progressed.

These temporary construction lift types were dismantled after the Burj Khalifa had been completed. But a permanent Pega service lift, whose stop is 611 m high, is still in operation. Here Pega installed a series IL 1012 industrial rack-and-pinion lift.

This upper lift station provides personnel with access to the technical section of Burj Khalifa above it. The machine cabin with the drive unit moves constantly with the lift roof: it is installed outside merely under glass and as a result is exposed to extreme conditions and the tower's own movement, which in strong winds sways up to 1.5 m.

Position switches and door locks

Like the construction lifts, Pega's permanent lift is driven precisely and efficiently by speed variable drives. A programmable control creates the condition for standard compatible adjustment to individual deployment conditions. All Pega lift series are fitted serially with Schmersal lift switchgear. As system provider Schmersal has a complete range of lift switchgear in its portfolio.

In lift type IL 1012 Schmersal series TVH335 position switches with safety function take care of upper and lower operational shutdown. It was developed for reliable use in a rough environment, as the sturdy metal housing suggests. Thanks to the wide range of operating elements that can deployed 4 x 90°, they can be adjusted flexibly to any application.

Fast and easy installation

HandwerkSchmersal AV20 switchgear is responsible for locking the doors of the permanent lift at a height of over 600 m. Its special characteristic is the magnetic mode of operation for preventing accidental opening, which guarantees a high degree of safety and ensures the functionality of the door lock even given wide door leaf tolerances.

The wide operating range of the magnets permits fast, easy installation and permanent, adjustment-free use. In addition, in the IL series – and as a result also in Burj Khalifa – series 236 position switches with safety function are used in the clamp brake. A TZ 422 switchgear device monitors the upper and lower emergency stop function of the car.

The permanent lift and Schmersal lift switchgear have been in use in Burj Khalifa for eight years – and have proven their worth under demanding conditions. The climate alternates between great heat by day and cool nights. The humidity is high and due to the proximity to the coast, the salty air is also highly corrosive. This is not just a great challenge for steel structures, but also for all electrical and control components.

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