Tuesday, 19 November 2019
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Lift car design seen architecturally

Otis, one of the biggest international manufacturers and service providers for lifts, escalators and moving pavements, has presented its "New Gen2” lifts in Germany. Thanks to the new car design and networked functions, the lift has become a fashionable and at the same time highly functional core element of a building.


The highlights of the new lift generation of Otis are the 400,000 combination options of the new aesthetic design concept, coupled with the multimedia connectivity. This makes it possible to adjust the lifts to the architecture and design of a building and offer visitors and residents a special travel experience, which not only simplifies, but also enriches everyday life.

Saving time and energy

"We connect the user through digital solutions and mobile apps with ‘his’ lift and in this way provide an individual experience,” said Udo Hoffmann, chairman of the Board of Directors Otis Germany. "In addition, time and energy are saved, since our new solutions optimise using the lift and markedly reduce energy consumption.”The New Gen2 is produced in Madrid and Gien, France.

Otis designed the lines "Natural” and "Modern” as part of an international design study. The superior features of the lift car include indirect LED lighting along the corners and operating console, which creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and highlights the respective cladding materials.

Natural design

HandwerkInspired by the great architectural styles of the twentieth century, the "Natural” style creates a harmonious combination of lift, stairway and foyer. The combination of wood, leather and natural stone produces an ambience that makes the lift cabin appear natural and harmonious with indirect light and curved forms.

Modern materials, combined with timeless design produce an electrifying mixture in the style direction "Modern,” which will enchant users. Clear contours make the glossy metallic surfaces appear impressive with dark elements standing out in an effective contrast to the indirect light. The result is clear design with an impressive effect.

Networked lifts at the heart of a building

The New Gen2 is in addition distinguished by a series of integrated multimedia and networked functions: the car display eView integrated in the operating console provides passengers with real time information on news, weather and traffic, the smartphone app eCall allows users to summon and control the lift remotely and the storey call console OneCall permits an intuitive selection of the target storey before the trip outside the lift with a single press of a button.


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