Friday, 18 October 2019
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To the left, to the right, outwards, upwards

Versatility is one of the trademarks of the Munich door specialist Meiller Aufzugtüren GmbH. For example, Meiller not only sells horizontal sliding doors with two, three, four or six door leaves, but also hinged doors with one, two, three or four leaves.


After more than ten years of having Genius Plus in its product range, the next step was taken with the vertical telescopic lifting door Premius. In old industrial plants with hinged doors as landing separation doors, the shafts were only slightly wider than the car.

The access width clearance of the landing doors corresponded to the internal dimensions of the cargo car. There was not enough space here for horizontal sliding doors of the kind customary in cargo lifts today. Currently there is no other solution for the landing access than overhauling the old doors or replacing them with new hinged doors.

Roll-up door GeniusPlus

This is because the new Operational Safety Ordinance transferred responsibility for safe access to the operator. The latter is obliged by the Labour Protection Act to implement a safety analysis or hazard evaluation and take the measures required for safe use of a lift. The absence of full-surface car separation doors is given the risk rating "high” by DIN EN 81-80. Installation of a car door is listed a protective measure against this.

What is to be done if there is no room in the shaft for sliding doors. The only solution is to install vertically opening doors. Here Meiller provides a vertical, corrosion-resistant and weight-reduced car separation door in the form of the roll-up door GeniusPlus. The aluminium slats, coated with a metallic coloured anti-friction paint, feature a high wear resistance surface and long-term attractiveness. They are rolled up in a drive box mounted on the car roof.

It includes an integrated torsion spring package, making the lateral spring package required in the previous version superfluous. There is more space in the shaft, mounting the roll-up door is quicker and easier and the full access width of the car is preserved.

Lifting door Premius K4

HandwerkGenius Plus complies with EN 81-1/2, but can already be supplied according to EN 81-20/50. In this version a corresponding closing device ensures that the door cannot be opened during the trip and as a result complies with the new standard. This also applies to the new development of the Meiller vertical door, the fourfold upward telescopic lifting door Premius K4. The door links are made of 1.5 mm steel sheet metal with reinforcement ribs and are delivered as standard in RAL 7004, optionally in other RAL colours.

The door links are guided in two laterally mounted running rails made out of an aluminium profile and the guide rail sliders can be replaced without demounting the door links. The chains run on metal chain wheels and also withstand high loads. In addition, the wheels have a special jump-off guard so that the chains do not jump off the cog wheels even in the event of sudden reversal of the door. Like the roll-up door Genius Plus, the vertical lifting door Premius K4 can be delivered with or without an evaluating unit if an additional safeguard of the closing edge is desired.

Siemens ATD 400V comfort door drive

The roll-up door Genius Plus and the vertical lifting door Premius K4 are driven by the Siemens ATD 400V comfort door drive. The door control device is equipped with an operating condition display and three potential-free relay outputs. They operate without limit switch, slip clutch and with a speed-controlled short circuit-proof 30 V DC motor. Three permanently preset travel profiles simplify start-up; individual travel curves can be freely programmed.

The door reverses automatically upon activation of the adjustable blockage recognition during closing. A light grid can be supplied for additional safety. An unlocking cam attached to the door is optionally available, equipped with a spring balance on the bolt roller and in this way operates the locking mechanism of the hinged landing doors. Premius K4 is currently available as car door; a matching landing separation door is in preparation.

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