Wednesday, 11 December 2019
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The call button always in your pocket

Kone RemoteCall is a mobile application that permits users to call a lift conveniently and easily by smartphone. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and works in combination with the destination selection control Kone Polaris.


Users can summon a lift from any part of the building with Kone RemoteCall – thus shortening the waiting time and reducing the crush in very busy areas like the lobby. As soon as the lift has been called, the app sends the passenger to the lift assigned. Kone RemoteCall can be programmed to permit three different kinds of call: standard, priority and barrier-freedom.

The last-mentioned kind of call allows those with visual, auditory or walking handicaps to call the lift without crowding at the control panel and gives them more time for arrival and entry.

Maximum travel comfort

Kone RemoteCall supplements the Kone Polaris destination selection control that boosts the efficiency of lift groups in big buildings. Users select their destination floor via an intuitively operable touchscreen control panel and find out here too which lift will take them to their destination.

Kone Polaris also takes into account how many passengers in total have to be transported to which floor. In this way lifts can be deployed efficiently, avoiding long waiting and travel times, unnecessary intermediate stops and overfilled cars, which ensures maximum travel comfort.

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