Thursday, 12 December 2019
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SafeLine Deutschland newly established

The prestigious European supplier of lift alarm and lift control solutions SafeLine has established a subsidiary in Germany in Ladenburg.


After years of representation by SafeSolutions, in particular through the personal engagement of Mr. Henry Wuttke, whom the company is grateful for all his work, is now an own German based SafeLine company on the market.

Optimal proximity to customers

In the future it will be SafeLine Deutschland who distribute and support the innovative products of the SafeLine Group; hereby an optimal proximity to customers for the German speaking European market can be achieved. SafeLine has for a long time provided the most appropriate solutions to lift emergency telephones for use in both new construction and modernization.

New communication technologies are implemented continuously to ensure innovative and forward-looking products to meet the increasing complexity and growing communications needs.

New Managing Director

In addition SafeLine Deutschland has appointed Michael Puttrus as new Managing Director. The SafeLine Group is pleased to have gained such an experienced team member for the management of the German subsidiary. Michael Puttrus' lift experience and market knowledge allows for an immediate onset of SafeLines own subsidiary in the German market.

The transition of Michael Puttrus to SafeLine offers a chance to increase the awareness as well as market activities and to continue to deliver the best possible service for the German market. The lift expert will be supported by a team of highly qualified staff to reliably administer and distribute our company's products with the highest level of service.

30-year-old lift experience

Michael Puttrus finds in these activities a new chance to utilize his skills and experience to new perspectives for the benefit of SafeLine. He looks forward to the task of introducing the SafeLine standard for products and services, now under its own name in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In addition to this, he can greatly contribute with his nearly 30-year-old lift experience to the never ending development of the SafeLine products. This will help secure SafeLine as the technology leader in its field, and the future safety of lift installations with its now mandatory communication solutions.

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