Sunday, 23 February 2020
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Board of Management confirmed in office

The general meeting of the RAL Quality Association "Assembly and maintenance of smoke and heat extraction systems” confirmed the course adopted by the Board of Management in Hamburg.


The Chairman of the Board of Management, Kurt Seifert and his deputy, Rolf Weimer (EMB Industrielle Luft- und Lichttechnik GmbH), as well as the Chairman of the Quality Association, Wolfgang von Bargen (roda Brandschutz und Servicegesellschaft mbH) were unanimously confirmed in their offices for another two years.

Strict rules

During the reporting period, the committee drew up clearly structured working guidelines and requirement profiles for specialist companies and their employees, including the approval of revised inspection principles for third party monitoring by fire protection experts. In this way, the so important uniform service level of service for specialist assembly and maintenance of smoke and heat extraction systems is ensured by the members of the RAL Quality Association.

A neutral quality committee of the RAL Quality Association is responsible for the observance of the requirements arising from the RAL quality mark, RAL-GZ 591. Meeting the strict rules of this quality assurance assures architects and building owners that the smoke and heat extraction system will be properly installed.

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