Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Riedl Aufzugbau has given its company division for lift doors and components a name of its own: Riedl Quantum.


Since its foundation over 80 years ago, the history of Riedl has been characterised by a passion for continuity and modern production technology. Now the manufacturer from Feldkirchen in Bavaria near to Munich has given the company division founded in 1969 for lift doors and components a name of its own - Riedl Quantum. Riedl will manufacture and supply lift components for lift experts worldwide under the new name.

Tough market

HandwerkCompetition in the market for lift components and lifts is tough. Only those who are fast enough with real innovations and produce with great precision can succeed here. This innovativeness is evident for Riedl Quantum in the field of doors and cars. Riedl has already expanded its position as a driving force in innovation by developing the slender, sturdy LIZ 3.0 sliding door series.

In future, Riedl Quantum will be in charge of distribution and after-sales support for sliding doors, hinged doors, the Riedl car and safety catches. Specialist companies can find information at that provides lift builders with targeted assistance in planning and installation.

Everything fits

Lift projects frequently require a high degree of coordination from lift builders. Riedl Quantum supplies perfectly matched lift components and cars from one source that ensure ideal connection of the lift car to the car door.

HandwerkIn "Plant II”, which was inaugurated in addition to the main plant in 2015, modern logistics concepts have since then aided computer-integrated manufacturing and the reliable delivery of components to specialist companies in lift building worldwide.

Riedl Quantum ensures shorter assembly times and more variety in components for its customers. Lift builders benefit from the seamless interaction of all components.

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