Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Lift control in the landing door frame

Since a great many lifts are now being built without a machine-room, different or new installation options for all kinds of components have to be found.


Of course, these components have to be light and accessible at all times, but on the other hand not promote any vandalism. Control manufacturers have developed small compact models that under particular circumstances can be built into door frames.

Space requirement adjusted to each control

Meiller Aufzugtüren has been installing controls in the lock frame in telescopic doors for quite some time. At the same time, there are minimum and maximum dimensions for the breadth and depth of frames. The space requirement is adjusted to each control.

The door or frame height is irrelevant for the installation. Access to the control always occurs while the landing doors are closed via the lock frame in the clear door width (reveal). The cover is fitted with a latch lock, which can be fitted with a special lock cylinder of a lock system.

Access to the service area

Access occurs in two steps: first, the lock is unlocked, with the latch being deactivated by lifting the cover. Then the lid is taken off and put aside. The fitter now has access to the service area of the control and can do his work there.

If direct intervention is required in the control unit, the screws on the left and right have to be loosened and the cover can be removed horizontally. This provides you with complete access to the control unit. Meiller recently also became able to install controls in the opening frames of telescopic doors. Here too, naturally, minimum and maximum dimensions must be observed.

Certification according to EN 81-58 E120

Consequently, the left or right frame can be used as control frame in all centrally-opening door types (two, four or six-part) and the corresponding dimensions must in turn be taken into account. The structure of the frame is identical to that described above. All control frames have pre-stamped break-out openings, which can be used as cable outlets if necessary. For the sake of completeness, it should be noted that no consoles can be installed in the control frames.

Meiller has also achieved certification according to EN 81-58 E120 for the complete sliding door programme together with two German control manufacturers. Versions are available according to DIN 18090 for other control manufacturers, but in future even more fire experiments will be carried out according EN 81-58, because a new experiment will be required almost every control type.

Peter Will

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