Tuesday, 12 November 2019
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Starting shot for the Schindler campus

Schindler Germany is going to expand its company headquarters in Berlin in the next few years. The starting signal for the project was given in the presence of the district mayor, Angelika Schöttler.

More attractive working: visualisation of the new Schindler Campus Berlin. (Source: Schindler)

The location of the lift company Schindler in Berlin Alt-Mariendorf is to be expanded into an “innovation hub” with which Schindler can make optimal use of the new possibilities of the changing lift market. This will above all involve new digital services for lifts and escalators - such as the Schindler Doorshow, which was presented at the symbolic laying of the foundation stone.

Over 100,000 m² company site

During the conversion of the over 100,000 m² company site on Ringstraße, an office building subject to protection as an historic monument will be completely renovated to meet the requirements of digital and mobile work environments.

HandwerkA central entrance building to the campus is planned, which is intended to connect the revitalised building with another. Employees and visitors could get a first-hand impression of what this might look like in future at the laying of the foundation stone. Interested parties could already view the new environment with virtual reality glasses.

Worldwide first Schindler Doorshow

One of the digital innovations could be experienced live. The Schindler Doorshow is a new advertising and information medium for lift doors. A network-capable projector projects the outside surfaces of the lift doors regarding GSM with information, news and advertising messages. As a result of the marketing of their lift doors as advertising or information surface, lift operators can not only finance their investments in the Schindler Doorshow, but even achieve returns in the medium term.

Schindler has already been based in Berlin for 111 years – as the first foreign subsidiary of the Swiss group. After being present in Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Tempelhof, Schindler has been at its location on Ringstraße since 1964, the current Schindler Platz, in Berlin-Mariendorf. The former production location - up to the 1990s lift components were still manufactured here - has been transformed with its restructuring into a knowledge and innovation centre for vertical mobility.


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