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Giovenzana means safety

Since more than 60 years Giovenzana is worldwide well known in safety for lifts and handling systems.

The new inspection boxes from Giovenzana. (Source: Giovenzana)

Because of continuous contact to our customer and corporate analysis of technical needs, also being an active member of the European Lift Association (ELA, ANIE, ADMA), our lift components comply with all technical safety rules of the EN81.20 and EN81.50.

New inspection boxes

Giving an example of Giovenzana philosophy there are the new inspection boxes (for roof and pit), bypass switches and the new electrical contact PCW01FT, which is an additional safety.

HandwerkFor inspection boxes it is the cam switch, which guarantees always a safe disconnection of all electrical contacts. As well our ergonomic and compact pit-inspection box is suited with a cam switch and of course with common button. Special wall brackets, magnets and mounting angels give you also safety in positioning while non-using. For additional safety you can use for all our boxes the new electrical contact block PCW01FT. This device gives you all standard functions as known.

This contact block disconnects, in case of mechanical interruption, the energy. For example when the contact block drops off the emergency stop. This specific function complies with new machinery room rule EN60204-1. This contact block can be used also in our pit bottom boxes, alarm and emergency boxes.

Enormous range of options

All Giovenzana bypass switches are cam switches. As usual for our inspection boxes, all electrical contacts for the safety circuit were disconnected by the bypass switch. A big benefit of our bypass switches is the enormous range of options.

You can have different numbers in contacts, switching positions and knobs with safety in switching. There are lockable covers and knobs with key release. These small selection shows you, what safety means to us. Giovenzana will work prospective together with you for the safety of your lifts.