Tuesday, 12 November 2019
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Customisable service portfolio

Flexible and transparent: with immediate effect a customisable service portfolio is available from Kone Care that enables customers to combine various options related to lift maintenance with each other.

The new Kone Care provides a flexible service portfolio and intelligent services, which contribute to optimisation of efficiency and greater availability of lifts. (Source: Kone)

The innovative “24/7 Connected Services”, based on IBM’s Internet of things technology “Watson” can be added to this. Among other things, this permits improved analyses and remote diagnoses – and in this way contributes to optimisation of efficiency and greater availability of lifts.

The Kone Care maintenance solution has always included both pure functional maintenance as well as an all-round package covering all disruption and repair deployments. What is new is the greatly enhanced flexibility with which in future it will be possible to adjust maintenance agreements even better to the individual requirements of customers, users, buildings and lifts.

Tailor-made maintenance solution

HandwerkTo discover what scope of maintenance is suitable for a lift, Kone together with the customer takes a look at the lift, the associated building and its users: how is the building being used? What is the lift’s role? And has the use of the building – and as a result also that of the lift – changed over the course of time?

“As soon as these questions have been answered, we can provide a tailor-made maintenance solution that optimally covers the wishes of the customer and user,” said Alexander Wüllner, Kone Germany Service Department Manager. “As a result, maintenance agreements can be coordinated in a far more targeted manner to individual customer requirements.”

“24/7 Connected Services”

“24/7 Connected Services” are likewise part of the new Kone Care. These permit intelligent services for lifts through use of the Internet of things platform “Watson” of IBM. While taking the applicable data protection guidelines into account, the cloud-based system collects and analyses the data of a multitude of lift sensors to provide information in real time on the status of the lifts. For example, this indicates how high the capacity utilisation of lifts is or whether breakdowns are imminent.

“Operators have an overview of the status of their lifts at all times and our service technicians can react with even more foresight to avoid breakdowns and minimise standstill times. In this way, an optimal flow of people in buildings is always guaranteed,” according to Wüllner. “Kone will be entering a new digital age with the 24/7 Connected Services.”


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