Thursday, 12 December 2019
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Giovenzana: Innovator for customer solutions

The Giovenzana International BV has been known worldwide for over 60 years as a partner for lift companies.

Installation in pit. (Photo: © Giovenzana)

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of their employees, the company is adapted to current market requirements and wishes. Their active participation in all kinds of institutions, such as ANIE (European Lift Association), guarantees Giovenzana are completely up-to-date with regard to technical knowledge and innovations.

But this does not mean that the company simply realises customer wishes. When it comes to current standards, such as EN81.20 and EN81.50, Giovenzana assemble wishes, ideas, technical feasibility and safety guidelines and ensure their mutual coordination. This is what they understand under good partnership and harmonious cooperation.

Closable safety cap

A good example for this is the bypass switch required by the standard. Initially, we developed this as standard with two switching positions and two electrical contacts as a circuit-breaking cam switch in the housing. A closable protective cap prevented unintended operation.

In response to constantly increasing requests for additional switching positions, additional contacts and other installation versions too, we developed customised solutions with the technicians of our customers. There are now four and more switching positions, bypass switches for the switch cabinet, for installation in the door and also for the DIN rail.

To ensure that installation on the DIN rail also meets the new standard, a closable safety cap is included too. The bypass switch is complemented by an individual label plate in different shapes and colours. The range also includes designs with a key-switch.

Travel switch required by the standard

HandwerkAll requirements from customers and of EN81.20 and EN81.50 can also be found in the new inspection boxes of the GM series. Simple equipment features, such as emergency stop switch with switch position display or the obligatory cam switch as inspection switch are a matter of course here and correspond to the current safety regulations.

The travel switch required by the standard, which can be pressed simultaneously with the direction buttons, is of course there too. Customers can now introduce additional options. These include LEDs (e.g. as flush display), rotary switches for opening doors or alarm buttons. Individual labelling and company logos are possible too.

More versions are being added

Boards can be installed inside the housing or combined directly with our electric contacts by soldering. Mounting brackets or attachment magnets can be installed too. Thanks to your wishes and guidelines, ever more versions are being added to the many pre-existing inspection devices.

Complete pre-assembly of our products with cables and plugs has also recently become available to realise customer wishes. We carry out all kinds of assemblies and cabling in our factory in Hungary. In addition, soldering of boards with one hundred percent testing is carried out there. Our mode of operation includes labelling with our quality logo and individual packaging. Labelling according to customer guidelines as well as industrial packaging are of course also possible.

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