Friday, 18 October 2019
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Only complete replacement really helps

Meiller Aufzugstüren GmbH has for many years been providing modernisation solutions for old, worn-out car separation doors.

(Photo: © Meiller Aufzugtüren)

Over half the lifts installed in Germany is over 25 years old. The car separation doors are those exposed to most use, since they are involved in every cycle. The electrical components in these car doors usually consume far more energy than modern systems. The mechanical components are also exposed to a high degree of wear.

Technically out of date

The motors and coupler mechanisms with heavy masses customary at the time they were installed are long since technically out of date. Repairs are often carried out only in small increments, sometimes the guide rails, then the rollers, occasionally a door controller. But the overall system always remains unchanged.

Travel comfort, design and trouble-free operation fall by the wayside. Often only the drive is renewed or solutions are installed in which the drive and catch system are replaced. The damaged or unattractive door leaves, battered and worn-out telescope mechanism and threshold remain.

Availability of spare parts is expensive

Despite considerable assembly effort involving extensive tinkering, these solutions seldom achieve the former performance of the original car doors. The mix of old and new does not really make the system reliable in the future, since the availability of spare parts for the remaining components is expensive and possibly also uncertain.

HandwerkIf the landing doors then also develop problems and have to be replaced, it is necessary to inform the building owner that a new, only recently partially-modernised car door is required, since it is naturally incompatible with the new landing doors.

Complete replacement of the car door

Meiller has a different approach: it provides for complete replacement of the car door, the catch is tailored to the hook bolt of the old landing doors. All wearing and spare parts are replaced and the new car door is technologically up-to-date and in line with standards.

If the replacement of the landing doors then becomes necessary after some time, the catch used for the “old” hook bolt can simply be exchanged for the current model of the Meiller door and as a result the door package is up-to-date.

Meiller consistently follows the philosophy of forward “modernisation” with sustainable solutions, which on balance are usually also more affordable. Meiller has a wide spectrum of complete car doors with special catches compatible with the landing doors of other manufacturers.

No uniform solution

Currently, there are over forty different solutions, in part also with the interlock required according to EN 81-20. These over forty modified catch solutions are based on the two- and four-leaf car separation doors TTK 25, STK 26, TTK 28 with a special catch. These car doors are then in each case adapted to third party doors with for instance different door leaf thicknesses or threshold widths.

There is no uniform solution; adapting every solution to the unique situation on the spot is essential. Consequently, visiting the site is normally unavoidable. With the continuous development work of sustainable modernisation concepts, Meiller provides the lift industry with effective and efficient solutions for complex problems.

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