Sunday, 26 January 2020
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Sixty-metre shaft retrofitted in 20 minutes

The Lightbelt patented LED lighting for lift shafts is DIN EN 81-20 compliant and was seen in the exhibition of Schwelm Symposium.

(Photo: © Lightbelt)

Lift builders must keep this date in mind: after a two-year transitional period, the new lift standards DIN EN 81-20/50 will become binding on all new passenger and cargo lifts commissioned from 1 September 2017. The in any case high safety standards in lift construction will undergo further improvement especially by DIN EN 81-20:2014-11 through the application of stricter guidelines for construction and safety.

Reduce the accident risk

This also includes improved lighting in the lift shaft. Irrespective of whether passenger or cargo lifts are involved: a general minimum lighting strength of 20 lux is required – and even of 50 lux at 1 m above the car roof at any car position and in the shaft pit. This is intended to reduce the accident risk effectively during maintenance and repair work.

HandwerkLightbelt’s shaft lighting meets the new requirements in an ideal manner with bright uniform LED light of 1200 lumen light intensity. The innovative light strip is also fast and easy to assemble as a complete system. Only two attachment points are needed for suspension, between which light strip is spanned. Consequently, an existing shaft of 60 m in length can be fully retrofitted in 20 minutes.

Lightbelt is delivered as a preconfigured finished system: everything needed for assembly is included in delivery. The light tube can be shortened every 20 cm for optimal adjustment to every shaft length. The system has undergone continuous further development by the inventor Jürgen Andretzky since autumn 2011. Lightbelt is available from the Konnex GmbH in Velbert.

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