Friday, 24 January 2020
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BBH Designelemente: Wall panel can be won

This year, BBH Designelemente will be presenting its products to those attending the international trade fair interlift (17 to 20 October, Messe Augsburg) for the first time.

BBH Designelemente will be presenting their products at Interlift for the first time. (Photo: © BBH Designelemente)

“Among other things, we look forward to being able to present the only car ceiling with depth effects, which has a depth of only 20 mm.” “idea.dome” car ceilings can be installed in any car and are ideal for modernisations.

They are the design highlight in every car. Existing drill holes can be used and as a result precious time saved thanks to adjustable attachment rails. Passive lighting of the ceiling comes from the sides. This passive lighting achieves glare-free, homogeneous lighting, which not only achieves the lux values of EN81-20/50, but is also very economical.

Customisation options are available

The modern LED technology provides additional individualisation options for wholesale as well as end-customers. The ceiling is also beneficial for those who suffer from claustrophobia thanks to its additional visual room height, which makes any car appear bigger. The spatial feeling from the dome effect creates a feeling of greater security and well-being. To create the greatest possible visual space, the “idea.luxx” product provides for more spatial depth on the side walls.

As with “idea.dome”, numerous customisation options are available. For example, both systems can be combined and as a result an optical effect achieved that makes the car appear four times as large. One of the trade fair highlights at BBH Designelemente will be a competition where an “idea.dome” wall panel worth € 1,194.00 can be won.

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