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Lift inverter for the buildings of tomorrow

Gefran will be presenting three high performance drive solutions for lifts and escalators at interlift 2017 in the form of the inverters ADL300, VDL200 and AVRy.

The ADL300 is one of the best-selling lift inverters from Gefran. (Photo: © Gefran)

The energy-efficient systems with field-oriented vector regulation are suitable for new installations as well as for modernisations. For almost 20 years, Gefran has been developing and producing inverters for lifts and escalators.

The ADL300 and VDL200 are among the best-selling products in this field. The ADL300 is designed for lifts with synchronous and asynchronous with and without gears and is equally suitable for new installation and modernisation.

Three configurations

Depending on the series, the inverter provides motor performance between 1.1 kW and 5.5 kW and 4 kW and 75 kW. Gefran provides the ADL300 in the three configurations Basic, Basic Endat and Advanced.

HandwerkEight programmable digital inputs (NPN/PNP) are part of the basic equipment, a release input, four programmable relay outputs with single contact, a digital incremental encoder 5VC TTL and a sine-cosine absolute encoder. The start-stop function reduces energy consumption in stand-by mode by up to 70 percent, but significant energy savings are also possible in normal operation in combination with the regenerative energy unit AFE.

Since the ADL300 thanks to STO does not need any contactor between inverter and motor, the user not only saves costs, but also avoids annoying switching noise. The ADL300 permits direct entry or entry with creep approach and has a pre-torque function for gentle starting.

Wizard function and two access profiles

The VDL200 with I/O inputs and integrated encoder card was developed especially for rope lifts or escalators with asynchronous motors. The inverter has a motor performance between 4 kW and 22 kW and is suitable for lifts in small and medium-sized buildings with open or closed control circuit.

The VDL200 supports digital incremental encoders (TTL) and has an RFI suppression filter in the VDL200 F-series designs. Configuration of the inverter is fast and simple via a wizard function and two access profiles. Static auto-tuning, which prevents decoupling of the motor from the ropes, is available to the user for secure installation and maintenance of the lift.

Gefran provides a complete solution with the AVRy inverter series, which not only controls the synchronous motors, but simultaneously serves as regenerative unit. Considerable savings can be achieved through the regeneration of braking energy. The AVRy has a motor performance from 11 kw to 27 kW and supports both digital incremental encoders as well as sine-cosine absolute encoders.