Tuesday, 10 December 2019
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Frameless Luminous Panels – made to fit

Available on the market just for a couple of months, the new hansen Frameless Luminous Panel has already become a very popular product in various areas of application.

(Photo: © hansen)

What makes it stand out is its homogeneous illumination over the entire surface plus its glare-free light, which creates a pleasant ambience.

Tailor-made to customer specification

The flat luminaire is the ideal solution for individual wall elements, entire illuminated walls or niche lighting purposes. Possible applications range from ceiling lights in lifts, integrated flush-mount luminaires and the backlighting of advertising spaces or information boards to lighting elements in escalators and moving walkways.

HandwerkThe Frameless Luminous Panel is tailor-made to customer specification offering many design possibilities for creative designers.

With a fixed depth of only 22 mm, the Frameless Luminous Panel is produced in custom sizes. It is entirely designed and produced in our main plant in Haselund ensuring a high standard of quality made in Germany.

Further highlights of the Frameless Luminous Panel

- Colour temperatures available from 2,700 K (warm white) to 6,500 K (cool white)
- Colour changes are possible with coloured or RGB LEDs
- Controllable with innovative radio remote controls
- Energy-efficient LED technology: 1 m² has a power rating of 25 watts
- Maximum size is 1,000 x 2,000 mm, minimum size is 150 x 150 mm. Within these dimensions, any size can be produced with millimetre precision.

Another fact that makes the hansen Frameless Luminous Panel special is that it is tailor-made to customer specification with no minimum order quantity.


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