Thursday, 12 December 2019
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Lived sustainability

The lift industry is facing new challenges from the increasingly rapid pace of technical change. This is increasingly the case in relation to emergency call systems and their special fail-safe requirements.

Cloud-based routine call evaluation saves electricity and employee resources. (Photo: © Leitronic)

Known for its reliable emergency call systems, Leitronic AG has met the new technical demands with innovative and forward-looking solutions.

Along with continuously developing new products and solutions, the focus of the Swiss electronic manufacturer Leitronic is on achieving flexibility and scalability of existing infrastructure with regard to current technological standards. The aim is to save resources where possible.

Changing technology - anything but sustainable

Analogue connections are being terminated by telecommunications companies and replaced by all-IP connections (VOIP). But currently, all-IP connections have a decisive disadvantage. Since they do not work when there is a power failure, they are no good on their own for emergency calling. The solution is having systems based consistently on mobile communications.

Using roaming SIM cards ensures unproblematic network coverage. This greatly improves network coverage and at the same time ensures that when one provider fails, the emergency call device can switch to another network.

Leitronic AG has been providing SIM cards for two years that support all European networks. Users receive free web access so that the traffic can be monitored at all times.

Modular technology and flexible software

HandwerkLeitronic system solutions are in general modular in design. The aim is to save resources wherever possible. The priority here is reusing what is tried-and-tested – the greatest possible simplification of installation, updating and maintenance. New mobile communications standards can be retrofitted by replacing a board without having to replace the emergency call device.

Leitronic AG has also further developed and expanded its software and service area to be just as flexible as its hardware: Leitronic now offers routine call evaluation in the cloud for functional control or programming. This makes it unnecessary for the lift company to operate its own infrastructure and telephone connection.

The advantage is that the maintenance and costs for the telephone line and electricity consumption of a PC that is always on are eliminated. If a lift company would like to continue to have a local solution, it can of course go on operating this with its own infrastructure.

Save resources in the future

You can also save resources by reducing the burden on employees. EasyParrot enables the fitter on the spot to carry out test calls autonomously - test calls to a control centre are a thing of the past.

With EasyConfig, the service employee can conveniently program the configuration of devices with his smartphone. Apps for common Android, Apple and Microsoft systems are available free for download.

However, there may be restrictions on the part of the manufacturer of smartphones. The smartphone must support USB-OTG in order to be able to use all features. A new version for all Android devices with USB OTG for detailed control and optimisation of the mobile communications gateways will be presented at the interlift 2017.


As many existing components should be reused in new lifts and also in retrofitting. For this purpose, Leitronic can provide a universal adapter board that can be tailored to customer wishes.

In addition, in the current case of a competitor that is withdrawing from the lift market, Leitronic AG provides modular hardware solutions as replacement. Existing technology can be modernised without great expense.

Leitronic mobile communications gateways from the first generation have provided an interface with which controls and other devices can communicate. Maintenance companies and operators would like a clear expansion of remote monitoring; consequently, more new application options can also be expected in this area at the coming interlift 2017.

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