Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Innovative - intelligent - MiDrive

Can a lift door be intelligent? The Munich lift door specialist Meiller tackled this question at this year’s interlift – and presented the door drive concept of the future.

The new MiDrive control device. (Photo: © Meiller)

The intelligence of a lift door is essentially located in the control device of the car door and this is Meiller’s approach with its newly developed drive concept MiDrive (Meiller intelligent Drive). A control device combined with various motor versions, serial CANopen interface, the option for optical coupling of two control devices (master/slave function) and servo mode that supports manual opening of heavy doors - these are just a few features of the new drive.

Valuable contribution to the environment

Storage and evaluation of data on the condition of a door is possible too. Thanks to different energy-saving modes, the system makes a valuable contribution to the environment. Visitors had the possibility to test its fast, easy start-up via a touch display or mobile phone app or a software update live at the Meiller trade fair stand.

The Compact door series, presented for the first time at the last trade fair, has in the meantime undergone a complete technical overhaul and is distinguished by an extremely low impost height of just 218 mm in the landing doors and 300 mm in the car doors. This makes it the ideal solution for modernisation.

Moreover, in supplement to the four-leaf vertical lifting door Premius K4, Meiller has for the first time presented a matching landing door Premius S4. Both doors are fitted with the new MiDrive, whose two control devices are optically coupled and communicate with each other. Consequently, absolutely synchronous running of both doors is guaranteed.

Design study presented

Another feature of the new drive MiDrive drive concept is evident in its Speed doors. This door version with extremely reduced opening and closing times was developed especially for lifts which require an extremely high conveyance performance.

HandwerkMeiller also presented HD (heavy duty) doors with an 800 kg motor and TM 1-DV double catch, also based on the new drive. The four-leaf doors are fitted with reinforced components, which predestine them for rough use in cargo lifts. The Gravida threshold concept have also been shown here; it has been expanded by a reinforced version for lifts with a nominal load of up to 10 tons.

The Munich manufacturer of doors for the premium segment has the six-leaf, centrally-opening Zenit doors in its product range for even tougher requirements. They are deployed in industrial lifts with extreme requirements. Meiller intends to overhaul this door concept as a whole and will therefore just present a design study of this extraordinary heavy duty door at the interlift.

Heavy duty hinged door in a single-leaf version

Doors with large dimensions are also of interest for the Munich door specialists when it comes to hinged doors. At its trade fair stand, Meiller presented a two-leaf heavy load hinged doors DT°39/2 with a door height of 3500 mm. Much greater dimensions are of course available.

But there is also a great demand for sturdy hinged doors in passenger lifts in difficult social environments. Consequently, Meiller presented a heavy duty hinged door in a single-leaf version (DT 39/1). As a result of its sturdy, heavy design, these doors also work reliably in rough operation and withstand improper handling or vandalism.

As before, safety systems in lift doors are an important factor for the well-established Munich company. As is well-known, the new EN 81-20/50 also pays particular attention to children’s hands getting trapped. In view of this, Meiller presented its innovative FingerGuard safety system. Trade fair visitors had an impression of the reliability of the system on the basis of fully functional glass doors.

One of the leading specialists for glass lift doors

Meiller presented four of its modernisation car doors for modernisation projects, fitted with special catches for actuating landing doors of other door manufacturers.

As ever, Meiller continues to be one of the leading specialists for glass lift doors. As a small selection of the many different kinds of options, examples of fire-tested glass door leaves in various special designs will be on show.

Selection of various threshold versions

Finally, the company presented a selection of its various threshold versions, among other things, the new heavy duty version of the Gravida threshold concept, which is suitable for lifts with nominal loads of up to 10 to.

The special feature of Gravida thresholds: the grooves in which the guide rails of the door leaves run are only lasered as far as needed for the travel path of the door leaves. As a result, less dirt can get in and when the doors are closed no guide grooves are visible.

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