Friday, 24 January 2020
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Great performance in a small space

Ziehl-Abegg has developed a new frequency converter, which permits the construction of space-saving switch cabinets for lifts.

(Photo: ©Ziehl-Abegg)

 Today lifts are built according to new, advanced lift concepts. The result: less space for technical components and more space for passengers. Components that used to be in the shaft now have to be fitted elsewhere. 

Due to very small shaft heads and pits, there is increasingly little space for technical components in lift shafts. These now have to be installed elsewhere. The lift control switch cabinet is suitable for this purpose. But here too the space is limited. Ziehl-Abegg’s ZAdynpro frequency converter makes allowance for this trend. Its small size permits the construction of very compact, space-saving switch cabinets for lifts with or without machine-room. 

Individual switch cabinet solutions

Ziehl Abegg FrequenzumrichterThe demands on the switch cabinet are particularly high in lifts without machine-rooms, since they are often installed on one floor of the building. Horizontal assembly of the ZAdynpro and an external line inductor make it possible to tailor the switch cabinet to the particular conditions on the spot. 

All of the interfaces for connecting the lift control and encoder have already been integrated in the ZAdynpro. This eliminates the laborious and time-consuming selection of optional interface cards during the ordering process. Thanks to the operation of synchronous and asynchronous motors with one and the same device, there is no obstacle to warehouse stockpiling. The motor type is selected on site during start-up. The ZAdynpro operates synchronous-asynchronous motors in a power range from 4.6 kW to 14.0 kW with Ziehl-Abegg’s customary reliability.

Like all devices in the ZAdyn series, the ZAdynpro is also a frequency converter explicitly developed for lift applications. This is reflected in the extremely clear and simple menu structure of its external operating terminal, which results in easy operation and start-up.

Quiet and functional

The integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) function in accordance with IEC 61800-5-2 (SIL 3) meets the requirements of EN 81-20. Since there is no switching noise from the motor contactor, the switch cabinet, including ZAdynpro, can also be installed on floors in extremely noise-sensitive buildings. Evacuation trips are possible with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 1~230 VAC and with battery power supply.

The ZAdynpro software has monitoring functions according to the 2014/33/EU Lift Directive:

  • Ftravel direction change meters in lifts with plastic-coated ropes or belts
  • Sself-monitoring of the motor brake as element to protect against unintended car movement
  • Sself-monitoring of the motor brake as part of the protection against excessive speed of the ascending car

In addition, when operating synchronous motors, important data can be secured in the motor encoder. This can prove to be a valuable backup later on.

Cut energy costs

A lift is motionless for many hours a day. These standstills represent several options for saving energy. The ZAdynpro can be switched to standby mode by activating a digital input, which reduces energy consumption by up to 75 %. When needed, this frequency can be restarted immediately. In lifts that see a lot of use, the ZArec4C regenerative energy unit means it is possible to recover the energy generated during a corresponding trip.

The ZAdynpro is fitted with an integrated line filter upon completion. When combined with a perfectly adjusted external line inductor, all requirements of the lift-specific EMC standards EN 12015 and EN 12016 are met.

The ZAdynpro is an important building block when implementing a compact switch cabinet. In combination with other components, such as the electronic brake control ZAsbc4 or the regenerative energy unit ZArec4C, this frequency converter makes it possible to realise extremely quiet and sustainable operation of the lift drive.


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