Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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When lifts go online

The new Otis eView car display combines a visual emergency call system with digital blackboard.

The elegant full HD car display eView also provides lift passengers with entertainment in addition to the standard functions and for example displays news, weather or horoscopes (Photo: © otis)

Otis Germany has presented the newly-developed interactive eView multifunction display, which combines user information, car display, system monitoring and emergency call functionality in an intelligent display. The elegant 10.1-inch full HD car display provides passengers with information and entertainment during the lift trip.

Moreover, in emergency situations eView connects the person affected by video with an employee in the Otis emergency call control centre, producing a positive psychological effect on those trapped. Otis, the world’s leading manufacturer and service provider of products for passenger transport, including lifts, escalators and moving pavements, is part of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

Visual 24/7 direct connection to Otis emergency call centre

Otis eView 4

By 2020 at the latest, operators of lifts for passenger transport must ensure that passengers can always reach an emergency call service via a two-way communication system according to the amended Operational Safety Ordinance.

As part of the car operating panel, eView not only provides the mandatory audio connection as in conventional lifts, but in addition also establishes a video connection to a trained employee in the Otis emergency control centre, which is staffed round the clock in Berlin. In the event of people being trapped, the direct visual link to a contact person can be calming and gives those trapped an enhanced feeling of safety.

News and entertainment in the lift

Thanks to a GSM module, the eView multifunction display is permanently connected with the Internet and permits Internet feeds. Depending on the option booked, passengers see information on news, weather and traffic or entertainment elements, such as horoscopes, witty sayings and facts, comparable with the contents of information and advertising media in underground and mass transit light railways.

Digital further development of the blackboard

Apart from Internet feeds, user-defined information can also be presented via the full HD car display. With eView, Otis has for the first time provided building managers with the option of providing information specially tailored to their passengers as a standard service – from internal building or company announcements and important dates and celebrations to music playlists. Using drag-and-drop, operators can easily and conveniently configure contents individually via the Otis eService customer portal. A playlist and time control function makes presenting the contents according to the time of day possible.

Otis eView 3Udo Hoffmann, chairman of the board of directors of Otis in Germany, explained proudly, "Every three days, we alone move a number of people corresponding to the entire population of the world with our lifts, escalators and moving pavements. The high frequency of lift trips provides companies with versatile options to use a lift as means of communication. For example, banks can inform their employees of the latest stock market news or hotels their guests of the new menu plan in the restaurant with eView. In residential blocks, the next building meeting or the gas meter reading can simply be announced via the car display."

eView is a standard function of the new lift generation New Gen2 from Otis. It features multimedia connectivity with over 400,000 communication options in one lift system from labelling, colours, lighting and materials. Now Gen2 makes it possible to adjust lifts to the design of a building and offer visitors and residents a special travel experience.


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