Wednesday, 11 December 2019
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Via the cloud into the lift

Schmersal Böhnke + Partner, leading international system supplier for the lift industry, has presented its first cloud solution.

With the cloud solution of Schmersal Böhnke + Partner, lift operators can retrieve a great deal of data permanently in real time via a tablet or PC. (Photo: © Schmersal)

With immediate effect, Schmersal lift controls can transmit data and status information via a gateway to the cloud. This involves a non-proprietary solution, i.e. the data is displayed using a standard browser and made available to the user via a protected VPN connection.

Greater flexibility

The data is hosted on an EU-based server. In this way, lift operators get location-independent access via the Internet to all lifts with an interface especially designed for lift applications. Consequently, you can permanently retrieve a host of data in real time via a tablet, smartphone or PC, such as "door status", "Non-flush stop", "Malfunction", etc. which among other things facilitates faster troubleshooting or accelerated emergency deployments.

Furthermore, a great deal of statistical data is available via the cloud solution, such as "Trip counter", "Operating hours" or "Temperature", etc. This data can be used for preventive maintenance and permits greater flexibility in planning service teams’ mobile deployments. In this way, users can realise "Industry 4.0" concepts for lifts.

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