Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Ökovision award for sustainability for Kone

Kone has received the Ökovision Sustainability Leadership Award established by Ökoworld AG for the sustainability of its lifts and escalators.

Erik Kahlert (left), chairman of the board of directors of Kone Germany, accepted the Ökovision award. (Photo: © Ökoworld AG)

Kone was honoured for its lifts and escalators, which permit barrier-free access to buildings and platforms, contribute to improved energy-efficiency in buildings and can be recycled after reaching their wear limit.

"We're proud to have received this prize," explained Kahlert. "It spurs us on to rely on to continue to rely on sustainable solutions to increase the energy- and raw material efficiency of our lifts even further across the entire life cycle of buildings."

The MonoSpace lift type

The MonoSpace lift type, which is suitable for new construction and modernisation projects, is a perfect example for the sustainability and energy-efficiency of Kone products: if you compare a current MonoSpace with its equivalent from 2008, its power consumption has fallen by about 70 percent. This is due to the consistent use of LED lighting and modern drive and control technology.

This year, the Ökovision Sustainability Leadership Award was bestowed for the second time since 2012 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Ökovision investment fund. Nine companies from around the world were honoured in this connection, apart from Kone also including the Swedish domestic appliance specialist Electrolux, the Japanese railway company JR East and the electronics group Philips.

According to the Ökovision investment committee, the companies honoured serve as examples for environmentally- and socially-responsible products, services and business models and make a demonstrable commitment to creating a just and sustainable society. Many investors are in fact now also coming round to a new way of thinking: above all, fossil fuel sources are being banned from portfolios and environmentally-friendly investments preferred.

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