Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Emergency calls for high-rise lifts

As a specialist for lift emergency calls, Telegärtner Elektronik does not just deal with equipping standard lifts for the customary conveyance heights of approximately 30 m as individual lifts or lift groups.

Communication control centre Tour Majunga. (Foto: © Telegärtner)

Normal solutions are not appropriate for many projects with conveyance heights of over 150 m. For this purpose, Telegärtner has developed solutions in close consultation with customers, which apart from lift emergency call equipment, also include telecommunications.

In this way, projects have been created in which Telegärtner did the planning and delivered the telecommunications technology for up to 70 lifts, the central emergency call control centres and the lift equipment with emergency calling for major projects.

Tour D2 in Paris

Seven TWIN lifts from thyssenkrupp Elevator with a total of 14 cars ensure fast passenger transport in the Tour D2 office block in Paris. They travel at up to 5 m/s through the 182 m high building. Tour D2 also contains another six individual lifts. Telegärtner took care of the design and planning of the emergency call systems, including the telecommunications and service control centre.

A matching telephone switchboard system, eleven active telephone distributors, an emergency call control centre and 20 emergency call telephones were planned and delivered for the 20 cars overall. All of the systems are secured with emergency power supplies and comply with the applicable standards.

HandwerkIn addition, Telegärtner planned and delivered the two fire brigade lifts available with special fire brigade intercoms. The installation was carried out by thyssenkrupp Elevator. Telegärtner technicians were on the spot to start up the emergency call and fire brigade lifts.

Tour Majunga in Paris

Thyssenkrupp Elevator equipped the 205 m high Tour Majunga, which Tour D2 was built in the modern Paris business and commercial district La Défense, with a total of 26 lifts. Technical highlight in the 48-floor office block are 16 high speed lifts, which transport passengers with up to 6 m/s to the floor desired.

Telegärtner also carried out the emergency call planning and supplied the matching equipment: telecommunications control centre, emergency call control centre and emergency call technology for the lifts and intercoms for two fire brigade lifts. During the start-up, Telegärtner technicians were likewise present. Additional project planning for special lift emergency call systems was carried out by Telegärtner.

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