Thursday, 24 October 2019
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No more space problems - inside and outside the car

A newly-developed complete lift, which Riedl Quantum will be presenting at the 2017 interlift, increases the usable area in the car by up to 55% in relation to the basic shaft area.

The shaft frame of the Riedl Quantum complete lift. (Photo: © Riedl Quantum)

Moreover it transfers the drive to a shaft pit with a depth of just 150 mm Riedl Quantum’s newly-developed complete lift creates new deployment options for lift builders, which were previously either difficult or impossible to realise.

Innovation motor for lift components

As a result, the manufacturer from Feldkirchen near Munich has once again confirmed its reputation as an innovation motor for lift components. Riedl Quantum will launch the first series with a maximum permitted load of up to 320 kg. Bigger model series are in planning.

The new complete lift includes the proven slender sliding door series LIZ 3.0 as well as the easy to assemble and sturdy Riedl car and many other proven, well-conceived Riedl Quantum components.

Less space needed with greater car area

The complete lift manages with the very lowest requirements for a shaft pit (150 mm) and shaft head (2400 mm). The new Riedl Quantum system with rope drive and counterweight increases the usable area of the car by up to 55% in relation to the basic shaft area and in this way increases the total car area by all of 15%.

Less space needed with simultaneously more car area: at the interlift 2017 visitors will be able to get an impression for themselves of the advantages of the new Riedl Quantum complete lift.

Less noise on upper floors

In most lifts the drive is at the top in the lift shaft or in the machine-room However, when improving the accessibility of renovated older buildings in attractive areas of big cities, it is particularly the bright flats on the upper floors that are most sought-after.

HandwerkIn these cases, the noise of the drives located under the shaft roof often impairs the residential quality. Riedl Quantum transfers its drive to the shaft pit in its complete lift, meaning noise on the upper floors can be avoided.

Thanks to the folding toe guard developed by Riedl, excavating a deeper lift pit is no longer necessary. The complete lift only needs a depth of 150 mm. According to Peter Andrä, managing director of Riedl Quantum, interfering with the building statics is a thing of the past, "Removing the screed and a simple concrete plate are sufficient to build our lift on. This doesn’t affect the building foundation. If the owners of the residential building decide on a lift with the drive on the ground floor, there is no obstacle to an increase in the value of the building."

Assembly- and maintenance-friendly

Service work has to occur inside the shaft in virtually all the lift systems on the market. This continues to involve a significant safety risk for the service staff. The newly-developed folding car toe guard of Riedl Quantum permits an extraordinarily shallow shaft pit.

As a result, the majority of all maintenance work can occur directly from the car and maintenance work can be carried out faster and well-protected.

Lift control in door frame of the lowest floor

The customary location of the lift control in the car also usually reduces the basic area there. Riedl Quantum has shifted the lift control to the door frame of the lowest floor. Consequently, the control does not take up any additional space in the corridor.

Riedl Quantum has already demonstrated its position as a driver of innovation with the development of its slender, sturdy sliding door series LIZ 3.0. The component manufacturer has now gone a step further with the new complete lift for interlift 2017 and here also made life simpler for lift builders with space-saving solutions for the critical points of many current lift projects.

Riedl Quantum develops and delivers lift components from one source and of a uniform design and in this way simplifies the frequently high degree of effort lift builders require for coordination when constructing a lift.

The advantages of the Riedl Quantum complete lift:
– low shaft pit depth (150 mm)
– low shaft head height (2400 mm)
– convenient maintenance from the car
– sturdy, proven components

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