Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Smart door drives

Wherever people are on the go, Langer & Laumann ensure that they can get ahead quickly. Compact and architecturally integrated, Langer & Laumann open all kinds of lift doors with their door drives.

The L&L QKS 6 door drive – after... (Photo: © Langer & Laumann)

Langer & Laumann have succeeded in developing the smart L&L QKS 6 door drives. Thanks to 20-years of experience and intensive cooperation with fitters, the L&L QKS 6 conversion packages have undergone continuous further development and been improved at the highest level.

These are high performance drives for lift doors with an especially low threshold distance, for example for hospitals, hotels, shopping centres and many other buildings with a high volume of visitors.

Sturdy modernisation solution

HandwerkHigh-performance doors are also subject to wear and tear. This is why Langer & Laumann developed an extremely sturdy modernisation solution for the highest demands. The pre-fitted door machine made of 3 mm steel already shows that great value is placed on quality here. Thanks to conversion of the existing special coupler, not only is expensive and time-consuming conversion of the landing doors unnecessary, but also shifting or shortening the lift car. As a result, the lift is quickly available again for use.

L&L QKS6 door machines can easily and quickly be set up mechanically as a unit, including guide rail, on the particular lift car. The old, very solid, original door leaves can be reused. This saves elaborate adjustment work on the car cladding or landing doors.

The maintenance-free TSG drive ensures that the doors can be opened safely, quickly and quietly. The programmable TSG electronics permits a multitude of user-defined adjustment options and simplifies installation directly on the device for the first start-up.

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