Friday, 18 October 2019
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New Filler two for EsCare

Damage to the ribs of escalators frequently results in the entire system coming to a standstill during routine maintenance work.

(Photo: © Weber Tec GmbH)

Particularly in the cold season, the degree of soiling here is especially high and results in massive damage to the escalators in very busy environments, such as local transport hubs, airports and railway stations.

Reliable repair methods

The operators of escalators put their trust in reliable repair methods, which can occur fast, smoothly and where possible in installed condition. Time is money, everyone is in a hurry and no one likes to make a detour if the escalator is out of order.

What counts here in particular are sturdy designs and good materials. EsCare – the repair method of Weber Tec from Hamburg has now become established on the market for these tasks. It provides a fast remedy and long-lasting guaranteed mobility after the repair of the ribs has occurred in installed condition.

Permanency is trumps!

Escalators are seldom still. They are often in continuous operation for 24 hours, 365 days a year. This places especially high demands on the rib material. At the interlift in October 2017, the Hamburg service providers presented a new version, Filler two.

This new repair material, adapted in colour to the stair environment, now fits in even better with the stair environment. This is due to its grey shading, which after the repair of the rib can scarcely be distinguished from a new rib. The new test material presented at the Augsburg trade fair has now undergone sufficient testing by Dekra and according to customer wishes can be used immediately for all repair jobs of Weber Tec.

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