Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Lift company is among the top 20 employers

Schindler Germany is one of the 20 best employers in Germany. For what is now the ninth time in a row, the company was honoured with the title "Top Employer" for very good working conditions.

(Photo: © Schindler Deutschland AG & Co. KG)

Never before has the company achieved such a good result: it succeeded yet again in improving its results in particular in the areas of onboarding and talent strategy compared to previous years. As a result, Schindler has once again shown itself to be among the 20 best employers of the top employer certification programme.

"Honour and incentive"

"For us, the title ‘Top Employer’ is simultaneously an honour and an incentive," said Frank Schach, personnel manager at Schindler Deutschland AG Co. KG. "We must not only act as a top employer, but also be perceived as such by applicants."

Since 1991, the Top Employers Institute (previously the CRF Institute) has been honouring employers who provide excellent conditions and contribute to the personal and technical further development of their employees.

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